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    1. My mistake. Something in my script is wrong, not sure what. Thanks for the reply
    2. At some point over the last few weeks, the web nodes allowing for web walking to navigate the staircases in lumby castle seem to have been removed. One function of my script banked at lumbridge and walked using web walking. This used to work, but appears to be broken now. No script is executing in the screenshots below, so no script would've removed these nodes accidentally.
    3. Not sure that this is right, but the javadocs has a magic number of 13 in the "next()" documentation.
    4. Hey folks, I was looking into how to better organize my projects for local script development, and Pandemic pointed me in the direction of Libraries (thank you!). Since there's very little documentation about how to go about doing this, I figured I'd walk through what I did to get it working. First, why use libraries? We all probably have some utility classes that we'd like to be available for all of our local scripts. For example, I have "Banker", "Walker", and "Talker" classes. Wouldn't it be great if these were available in all of my projects without having to copy/paste changes to all of my local scripts whenever I make a change? That's what libraries accomplish. Here's a list of steps I went through. This is going by memory, so apologies if I miss something crucial. Create a new DreamBot project. Its title should be the library title (E.g. mine is "BeepLibrary"). It doesn't need a main class, since we're not executing anything! Move all of your classes to the "Src" folder of this new project. If there are build errors, ensure you've imported the DreamBot library, and included all required classes. Go into Project Structure for your library project. Set the output directory to the "<Users>\...\DreamBot\Libs" folder. Build your project. You should see the jar file in the Libs directory. Open Project Settings for your local script projects. Add a new library - the .jar file you've exported to the Libs folder. Build your local script. If there are compile errors, you've done something wrong. You're almost there! In your local script's "src/" folder, create a file named "libs". In that file, the only line of text should be the name of the library you've created in step 1. As an example, my libs file contains "BeepLibrary.jar". Build your local script. Ensure no compile errors. Open the script manager. If the local script appears, you're good! Otherwise, open the Console and see if you can figure out where you've gone wrong. Happy scripting!
    5. Bumping this a bit - is there any way to create shared objects between several different DreamBot scripts? For example, I've created a wrapper object called "Banker" that makes my bank handling more simple from a programming end. Can I have one copy of Banker.java that is shared across all scripts?
    6. Once an enemy is killed, "Character.exists()" returns false. There's probably a better way to get this info, but it's what I've been using.
    7. Hey everyone, When in northern Edgeville, web walking fails to walk to the Dwarven mine dungeon. It just sits at the border, with Walking.walk(t) returning false. Edit: I think this is happening because the series of nodes along the path aren't walkable. Gonna keep trying to override the default web to see if I can get a problem identified. Edit edit: I've modified the web path so each tile is walkable. This didn't resolve the issue. Going to see if we use a different path generator for low distances. Alright, now I'm stumped. Both local path generators can find a full, valid path between the two web nodes that I'm struggling to walk between. Hopefully final edit: I was able to "solve" the issue by removing web nodes 721 and 719. These nodes are in the Wildy, so I'm not sure why they were impacting the path from Edgeville->Monestary, but it seems to work now.
    8. I'm working on a script which craft some air runes in F2P. Before I hit level 40 crafting, "Bank.getClosestBankLocation" returns Falador East. After I hit level 40, the API started returning the crafting guild chest. This caused my script to loop since it can't reach the bank (It wasn't wearing an apron or cape) Can the crafting guild chest only be returned if the account is wearing a brown/gold apron or a Crafting cape?
    9. You should probably post the question to the thread for that specific script. It's unlikely that all bot authors look at all the posts here. It also looks like the creator has a support discord. You should reach out to them there.
    10. Your Utils object is doing a LOT of heavy lifting. A danger of having a generic "Utils" class is that it very quickly becomes unwieldy, and you start losing a lot of the organization that OOP brings to the table. I personally like having separate utility classes that wrap around core functions, like a "Walker", a "Talker", a "Banker", etc. That way, everything stays self-contained. I'll mimic SubCZ's recommendations of removing a lot of the "While" statements. Most of the time they're not necessary, and the more while loops, the more likely your bot can end up in a very obviously-botlike state (ie, missing random events, or repeatedly clicking on a game object over and over and over again). I'd rather the script fail and crash than get stuck in one of those states. Finally, it seems like you're waiting between 5-6 seconds whenever interacting with an object you may need to walk to. You can use a sleepUntil statement with a condition of "player not moving, player not animating, and player distance to object is 1" to make this much less botlike. Good start!
    11. Hey folks. I'm trying to get my mining script to hover over the next rock. I need to figure out if the mouse is currently hovered over the next rock already. I'm doing this by utilizing Mouse.getEntitiesOnCursor(). However, this function will return an inconsistently sized list (ie, sometimes 1 element, sometimes 0) even when the mouse/camera/entity is not moving. Essentially, nothing is changing but the function returns different outputs. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone have other ideas I can try? Image is output of "Mouse.getEntitiesOnCursor().toString()" directly after interacting with a rock".
    12. There's so much money to be made here that I think botting clients will always be soon to beat any anti-cheating measures Jagex can come up with. I'm not surprised they're pushing their own client, I'd be extremely surprised if this was "THE END OF BOTTING".
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