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    1. I added the option to remove the level limit. The script should update shortly.
    2. Kinda weird that this happens tbh. Can you provide me with more info like game layout or anything else that might help me spot what is happening?
    3. Interesting suggestions! Here is what I think: Extending the scripts target level to 55 magic: While it would be quite easy for me to increase the target level to 55, I think it would be a quite inefficient way to train since I feel it would be the equivalent of leveling melee stats to 55 by training on Chickens. I believe it will also dramatically increase the scripts' ban rate since it would be a very repetitive and time consuming process. Using Telegrab to train: I don't think that the Wizards Tower offers a good opportunity to use telegrab. The problem is that the demon doesn't really have any good loot drops to telegrab and you have to kill it in order to be able to use the spell on the loot that it drops. Much better alternatives for telegrab exist and I think those should be chosen instead. Use Defensive style: I think that would slow down the progress to lvl 33 and I really don't want that. I don't want people to spend more time at the Wizards Tower. In general I consider the Wizards Tower to be a hot spot for botters to train and so I would try to spend as little time there as possible. That's why I put the target lvl at 33 and then force the script to stop. Another reason is that this is a public script and I want everyone to be able to use this script effectively for the purpose it was built (getting to lvl 33 for telegrab). So I don't want to congest the area with people spending there days in order to reach lvl 55 magic.
    4. Thank you! Sure, I could implement that.
    5. One thing I would like to note is that while the options in game for the "Hide roofs" seems to be turned ON, the roofs in game are STILL visible. Which makes me think that the solver correctly detects that the roofs are visible and tries to turn them off by toggling the setting, but then it disables the setting (which was probably wrongly displayed as enabled) and since it sees it turned off it re-enables to actually hide the roofs. There seems to be a mismatch when you open the client between the state of the setting and whether the roofs are actually visible or not. I hope this helps!
    6. Pretty much what the title says. By the time I click to start a script for the first time on a newly launched client, a random event to disable roofs will pop up which will first ENABLE roofs, then go back again and DISABLE them like it was originally. It's like the client doesn't detect that roofs are already disabled.
    7. I am pretty sure I did try to set my runThreshold() to 150 but that didn't seem to work. It would toggle it on again on 100 Energy. Maybe I did something wrong ? I will have to test it again at some point to double check. Nevermind.. I probably had another issue affecting the matter in my code. Setting the runThreshold 101 and above works! Thanks for the suggestion and taking the time! @Phantomwire
    8. [FREE] Cheap LVL 33 Magic (For Telegrabing) v1.2 [ Add script ] Simple script that trains magic by using Wind Strike and Fire Strike at the Lesser Demon in the Wizards Tower. You need a Staff of air in your inventory or equipped and approximately 3000 Mind runes to get from LVL 1 to LVL 33. The script will take care of the rest. If you want to speed up the process, you can bring a Staff of fire and about 1400 Air runes and the script will use Fire Strike if possible. Requirements: Staff of air : ~1500gp 3000 Mind runes: ~6000gp (3gp each) Optional : Staff of fire: ~1500gp 1400 Air runes: 7000gp (5gp each) Why use this way of training? It is by nature a very afk method that requires very little interaction with the game and because of that it should be a VERY safe way to reach level 33 magic while also being the most cost effective way to train. Total cost: ~7500gp ( ~15000gp w/ Fire Strike) Time: ~2:20 hours ( ~1:20 hours w/ Fire Strike) The XP/Hour is ~8k with this method (~15k w/ Fire Strike) and the XP required for LVL 33 is 18247. Got a feature suggestion? Do not hesitate to leave a comment on this thread with a clear explanation of what you would like to see added and a reason behind that request. I am very open to suggestions! Some extra words: I have been using Dreambot for quite a while with private scripts and I have been VERY PLEASED with the client and the API. So I would like to help out the community by developing public scripts. This is my first and very simple submission to test out the entire process. I hope you find it helpful and helps you cheaply level accounts to 33 magic for Telegrabbing.
    9. The following exception was thrown after I stopped a script I am developing. I tried rerunning the script and stopping it but it doesn't seem to recreate the error. 12:35:41 PM: [ERROR] Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read the array length because "<local1>" is null at org.dreambot.api.Client.getPlayers(Client.java) at org.dreambot.api.methods.interactive.Players.all(Players.java) at org.dreambot.api.methods.interactive.Players.all(Players.java) at org.dreambot.api.methods.interactive.Players.closest(Players.java) at org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.Character.getCharacterInteractingWithMe(Character.java) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.impl.Walking.0(Walking.java) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.impl.Walking.shouldWalk(Walking.java) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.impl.Walking.shouldWalk(Walking.java) at boomslap.magetrainto33.App$GoToTile.lambda$0(App.java:60) at org.dreambot.api.methods.MethodProvider.sleepUntil(MethodProvider.java) at boomslap.magetrainto33.App$GoToTile.execute(App.java:60) at org.dreambot.api.script.impl.TaskScript.onLoop(TaskScript.java) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:833)
    10. Thanks a lot for the suggestion and the code! Recreating the functions I need is something I thought of doing but I would want to avoid it if possible since this is an issue where similar conflicts can happen with other dependencies and they are quite annoying to find and fix.
    11. I would like to use the StringUtils class from the apache.commons.lang3 package on my script. I have added it as a dependency on my maven pom file but since the same package exists inside the client.jar, it gets priority during runtime and I get a 'NoSuchMethodError' when executing for instance the StringUtils.capitalize(String) method because that method doesn't exist in the version included in the client.jar. Is there a workaround this to give priority to my dependency over the package included in the client.jar? Could you possibly include the entire library inside the client.jar? Thanks!
    12. The issue I have is that on the next call to walk() it gets turned on again even if I toggle it off.
    13. Maybe I am missing something very simple here but how do you turn off running even if the character has 100 Energy? Using Walking.walk() seems to activate running and setting the running threshold at 100 or above makes it so that running is turned on and off very quickly.
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