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    1. I am trying to create a JTabbedPane that has left tab placement (JTabbedPane.LEFT). The problem is that with the current look and feel the text is being displayed vertical along with the tabs. What I am looking for is tabs stacked on top of each other on the left side of the tab pane with the text being horizontal. Any suggestions?
    2. Could there possibly be a solution though to only capture user clicks and not clicks performed by the bot? Because the bot could click accidentally on a clickable area.
    3. If possible, could someone provide me with a POM file that is tested and works 100%? Every dreambot POM file I find online doesn't work.
    4. Long story short I'm trying to build a script with maven because I want to use dependencies. Currently I only have one dependency and that's the Apache Commons Lang3. I know from the guide that you have to pack the dependencies in the script JAR which I have setup successfully since when I open the jar I can see the class files of the dependency in there. For some reason though, when in the script I execute a method from the dependency I get the 'NoSuchMethodError' Can anyone think of why that possibly happens? Let me know if you need any additional information. I am using Eclipse IDE ERROR: My POM: Thanks for your attention!
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