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    1. will be trying this after my 2 day ban. lol. will post pics.
    2. Spidermonkey

      @ Alcher

      got banned for using this. pretty sure i had it going 8+ hours. but i was also cannoning ogres, and shuting off the bot everytime i needed to reload the cannon. not really sure here on how they detected me because i was watching/doing my own clicks and interactions every minute to reload cannon. but, sometimes i would be maybe a couple minutes late on reloading cannoning and siting there auto alching. made it to 64-80 alching at GE, 2 hours into alching + cannoning at ogres and i got banned. 2day.... any ideas here? think it was from the cannon? in my opinion the auto alcher is very good, and has obvious anti ban methods in it/ irregular clicks... does jagex have something that montors how much xp your gaining in a day vs how much you were before botting? obviously gonna be a big difference/hours played/hours stayed logged in.. i wont lie i will probably continue to auto alch at ge after my ban. think i will be good? or will they be trailing me? i dont really want a perm ban as this is my only account. but the only fun i really have is pking and things of that nature. and i have no desire to hand train high range/mage/str.
    3. Edgefield dungeon and rock crabs Not eating, not quick pray. Used the prayer until gone and never touched it when it ran out. Doesn't drink combat pot. Doesn't run around rock crabs, If none is spawned will run thinking it lost agro.
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