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    1. Hey Zawy, Ran into another thing that i had a question about.. With the specific food item Cake, is there a way to have it use all of the cake instead of eating 1 slice off a new cake everytime? The problem that im running into is itll eat a slice of cake and then eat another slice from a new cake. When wintertodt ends it goes to the bank and then just withdraws fresh cakes again instead of re-using the existing one... I tried to switch the food amount to 1 with Cake but then as soon as it eats 1 slice of cake it stops the entire script and then says "waiting for a new game to star
    2. Hello! I just wanted to say the trail worked flawlessly! Although i did have a question.. I did notice on the food part you have to manually type it in. Is it safe to assume most food typed in there would work properly? Thank you again!
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