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    1. Dang dude, just went on the site and fiddled around with demo ones. That is so sick.
    2. It has nothing to do with proxies. It is someone spamming your login details to lock you out of your account. If there are too many login attempts you will be prompted with "Too many login attempts", this effectively locks you out of your account. This is a problem on Jagex's end.
    3. Watch video, could be a hack attempt or someone trying to harass you.
    4. You need to update the way the LoginSolver works. Check the LoginSolver class in Dreambot Docs.
    5. Hi, When there is an OSRS update, a developer has to update the web hooks for the Dreambot client. This results in being unable to load the Dreambot client. It is not immediately done as developers may be asleep during that time.
    6. Hi, I read this off a different client provider forum. Try to SleepUntil the tile of the monster contains some of your expected loots. Keep in mind that there may already be loot on that very same tile so you will have to adjust logic to suit that.
    7. Hi all, I was wondering if there is a method in the API to detect if a player is following (by following I mean that they right clicked and selected the follow option on the player) local player? If no, how would I approach that?
    8. @dirtrider478 Buy from these guys, they have really cheap prices atm. 0.49 USD. (They are not a website, just a Discord server).
    9. Hi, This script seems tedious to write. I don't think you'll get this type of script for free. There are scripting shops for a reason. Have a look at https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/191-private-scripting-shops/ Try get some quotes.
    10. Hi, I've never really used it but you should try Walking.walkOnScreen(). Hope this helps.
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