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  1. my friend is not a tester he purchased your script lol, and no i didnt say i just created them your a retard. i said i was running a fresh account as in a lvl 3 as the first few were ran on older account builds or not lvl 3's dont try and twist my words i have piics of the conversations. and you cant know how many people are running what, your script is garbage you released your scraps to the community in my opinion. you say the bugs i posted were also resolved however they all still exist in some form. and as much as ur spending on supplies per hour ur profit is next to nothing, and i can give my "quality concern" because the highest ban rate of mmf building itself is DOING the mmf. i didnt evenn do mmf on ANY ACCOUNTS therefor their flagged and banned just from doing 3 quests lol nah. and just to clairify as i told u in disc ALL MY ACCOUNTS USED FOR BOTTING ARE OVER 100+ DAYYS RESTED. From my PERSONAL EXPERIANCE script is not worth purchasing ill leave it there
  2. 1. i know how to bot thank you , all my proxys are private 100% virgin, 2. also the accounts i run are over 100+ days rested. 3 none of 7 account i made even did ANY mmf they all finished quests/pray and logged for the day. 4. u shouldn't be banned for a hour of botting at a 100% rate. i personally made 7 accounts my friend made 7 and my other friend made over 30. 100% of every one of our accounts are banned. 5. Script is full of bugs, breaks pauses during waterfall,priest in peril, nature spirit. has numerous bot like walking movements and other movements, definetly not worth 10-15$ once let alone a month. 6. HIGHLY wouldn't recommend using this script as the owner told me via discord he has been running this script on his personal farm for "months" so that is probably why one he has decided to sell the script , it has become too detected for it to be worth him running it so hes pushing it off onto the rest of the community. 7. the way the script runs you profit like 70-100k a hour max by the time it buys all the tabs and whatnot so ideally you have to have 40 hrs run time b4 u even make ur bond or code back. 8. is 8 the script is just doo doo at this point.
  3. have found a few bugs , reported to owner, i did around 7 accounts during trial while reporting results to owner of script, after all 7 acc's were made they logged instantly never did any mmf on them. all 7 were banned within hours of making the accounts, and to clarify ALL 7 accounts were banned EVEN my main from scratch that has been alive for over 3-400 hours.
  4. ump

    World hopping issue

    Hey guys just switcher over to dreambot and learning the api, just wondering how can i check for total level worlds before world hopping? as in not hop to any world that requires a total level? World f2pHop = getWorlds().getRandomWorld(w -> w != null && w.isF2P() && !w.isHighRisk()); currently im just checking for it to be f2p and not high risk. but i dont see anything to check for it not being a total level required world.
  5. lmao just seen this ima just buy it ill luk if any bugs
  6. okay cool planned to test it out but couldnt get it up to any speed close to what i wanted. if possiable a trial once its fixed? 4-5 hr trial is plenty just wana try b4 buying
  7. https://gyazo.com/0bdfd9e05cd3de0fa1f44dbcc92d8b1a why is it so slow?
  8. so before i buy a script i have a habbit of going to the last page of the thread and checking to see a few things. 1. if the owner of script is still responding to trials. 2. if the owner is still responding to bugs reported 3. User overall satisfaction ( recently) with the script. Well after browsing for quite some time for a script to purchase after i bought my 10$ voucher, i noticed alot of the "paid" scripts such as both of the gdk scripts, some nmz scripts are no longer working but are still able to be purchased. would there be any way of getting like a staff member to monitor the scripts to make sure their staying updated so people aren't buying broken scripts or no longer supported scripts by the owner. thanks guys hops this helps ~Goldrush
  9. i am goldrush8733 confirming yes u are talking to me in pm.

  10. i agree and i will let osbot know u paid "in full per our agreement" and scythe and tribot. sorry for going crazy but if u put yourself in a customers shoes its different. but thank you for that much appreciated. @mbmaster
  11. ok let me know what outcome is, user can pm me on discord as i still havent ever blocked him.
  12. im not using his vps. i cant trust that he wont compramise my accounts. if you want him to refund me sure thats fine however all his other offsite bans will remain until it is paid in full. have already verified that. so sure if he wants to pay me 8m to clear his "dreambot" name fine. but wont help his case anywhere els. AS stated before my discord name is Goldrush#8733 . please pm me so we can get this resolved. im also not "throwing a fit" im simply trying to get justice i feel is deserved. u may not see it this way but EVERY other site does.
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