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  1. inquilinopo

    [Free] Aeon Thiever

    Does this works with H.A.M. Members?
  2. Could you check what the foreman pays? I mentioned it to you a long time ago and the truth is that it continues to present that problem, pay every 3-4 minutes even 1 minute sometimes. To avoid this I raised some accs to lvl60 of Smith but it is not profitable at all since some do not survive more than 5 days. I would really appreciate it, it would make a big difference that the script will work without overspending from smithing lvl 30.
  3. It does not work for me because the script does not work well if you do not have lvl 60 from smith, it is not profitable at all to take an acc to that lvl so that it dies in a day.
  4. I am a VIP I have a paid blast furnace script and whatever the accounts do they do not last more than two days before they are banned, botted only 2 hours a day. I do not recover the cost of the bond, I know that here is not taught to use bots, but could someone please take pity on me and guide me to the right path.
  5. I already reviewed and keep presenting that problem. Also, they banned my accounts after an hour. I am quite disappointed.
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