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  1. Kappa's Rogues Den Cooker Features: - Cooks a wide variety of fish on the fire in the Rogues Den. - Tracks xp and level gain. - Tracks number of cooked/burned fish. Requirements: - One of the following raw fish in your bank: Shrimps Anchovies Trout Salmon Tuna Lobster Swordfish Monkfish Shark Dark Crab How to use: 1. Go to the Rogues Den beneath the Burthorpe pub. 2. Make sure you have the raw fish you want to cook in your bank. 3. Start. Details: I've ran this script from 1-62 on two accounts without any issues running a few hours at a time. I haven't had any issues yet, but please let me know if you run into trouble so I can fix any issues. I'm also open to ideas for improvements/additions people would like to see, so feel free to make a suggestion. Screenshots:
  2. If you're getting a lot of bans think the questions you need to ask are these: 1. How many accounts are you botting simultaneously? - Botting a bunch of accounts at the same time on a single IP raises flags. It can be done, but it's really risky - particularly if they are doing the same task. 2. How long is each bot running for on average? - Make sure you're taking breaks (e.g. 10-15 minute break each hour). - Don't run a bot for 6+ hours a day unless it's an activity you're really confident is under the radar. 3. What activity are the bots doing? - Things that are rather AFK like cooking, fletching, cannonballs, etc. can run for a pretty long time without raising many flags. - Botting a high-intensity activity such as cleaning herbs for 6 hours straight (even with breaks) is likely going to catch you a ban. This is all just from my experience in botting. Other people may have difference advice/experiences, but this is what I've found has helped me dodge bans.
  3. Kappa's Gnome Agility Course Runner Features: - Literally just runs the Gnome Agility Course. Requirements: - None. How to use: 1. Go to the start of the Gnome Agility Course. 2. Start. Details: This is my first script submission so don't expect too much from me, I'm just getting my feet wet with Runescape botting currently. I've tested this bot on a couple accounts to go from 1-25 agility and I've done my best to comb through any bugs but there's still the possibility for issues. If it accidentally clicks a gnome-trainer or other NPC just wait a few seconds (randomized) and it should continue with the next obstacle. If you run into problems, please let me know in detail below. Screenshot:
  4. +Vouch Bought a prime account from him. Super fast response times and very reasonable price.
  5. Sent a friend request, it says your discord link is invalid.
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