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    1. I have experience building custom architecture designs in the Cloud and bringing the designs to life using Python3 (Lambda) backend development. I have a coding background and feel like I could contribute to the community. Do you guys have any guides on how to get started? I will read through the Java docs, but I will have to learn the language syntax because of my experience is with Python3.
    2. I don't want Jagex having my main ip, any workarounds? I don't really like the idea of relying on VPN's or proxies. I think I am going to spin up a Cloud Computing instance with a custom connection and unique IP. If they ban it I can always spin up a new VM.
    3. Hello, It's been awhile since I have been involved in the botting community. Recently, I connected to a VPN and attempt to create a new account to bot. Just to start, I installed DreamBot and manually got my account through tutorial island and started killing call to work on a few base stats. Within 10 minutes of leaving tutorial island my account was banned, which is weird because I did not bot... but I was connected through the DreamBot client. Can Jagex detect your client? Any ideas why I would have gotten banned?
    4. If i'm in the middle of a bottion session and enable covert mode will it take effect without me needing to relog?
    5. This script is broken and will likely get you banned.. i've been watching it run on my main account and notice that it keeps repeating some of the same patterns by trying to withdraw the black h hides twice in a row even though inv is already full.
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