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    1. Hey people, just letting you all know I'm gone for over a month out of the country so any script updates will be paused for time being. Gotta take care of something first!

    2. Cause this script pisses off PKers so you'll for sure be reported. Doesn't take too long if you aren't careful as there aren't that many people at the edge of the wild and theyll notice you. Hence my script changing equipment and such.
    3. Cheers! This is very helpful 👌 I should be able to fix it in the next update. I sometimes have to guess when debugging features as I don't always have a valid test account due to bans or not enough XP/GP, etc
    4. I can't seem to replicate the error, but I've done some improvements all around so, hopefully, it's fixed for you. Other, please tell me what you are filling out, you do not have to give me all info per setting, just what you're selecting.
    5. You'll have to update this but it's a good start. Call it randomly during your tasks.
    6. Why are you calling getWalking instead of just Walking? Also in the future you should post what you need help with, not just post all your code and hope someone finishes it for you
    7. I just tried it myself, and it appears to work. Can you share your setup or anything that might help me dig deeper? Any errors? Can you post your log and settings?
    8. Got busy fixing other bugs, can you try setting a level target (e.g Attack 99) and see if you still have the same issue?
    9. Working now for you guys? I don't have any testers to burn on it right now but it should be all good. Lmk.
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