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    1. Hey all, finally have some more free time this weekend. I will be fixing some bugs and adding more obstacle support. Sorry for the delays but its a lot to go back through and find out whats not working currently. No new features for now, simply maintenance.
    2. I'll look into it, my paths must be messed up for linux Probably an issue with my server, it's pulling from a database online Unfortunately, I don't have those as officially supported as I don't have a P2P account to debug with. You could always let me know what obstacles and what actions on those obstacles are needed to navigate those areas and I can add them. If you only want it to go from iron to adamant, you would buy the adamant scimitar and ensure "Buy upgrade items" isn't checked. Then set your weapon to "^ scimitar" and it'll swap out the iron when you're at the necessary level Bans will happen, rest your accounts, don't bot too much, don't use tut island scripts, etc.
    3. Please post your log, I'll look into it
    4. No idea, I'll look into it. It should, maybe change the looting frequency and set the node mode to loot and report back to me
    5. You're missing the prayer potion amount and food amount. I've added an update to help clarify these issues.
    6. I can't guarantee it works with that launcher. I'm currently testing it with RL and it seems fine but until then use the official one.
    7. Oh cheers, I must have only coded it for "iron man" and not the others. I will fix that.
    8. Will do, thanks for letting me know Did you try changing the mouse settings? Is there an error thrown? Are you using Proto's DB Launcher?
    9. Maybe, I haven't tried that tool yet to use the official or RL. I'll have to look into it. Also you can change it in the antiban tab of my script
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