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    1. Not certain, I will have to look into that. Wherever it ends up, it should be in the dreambot folder, within the script folder (WHEREVER DREAMBOT IS SAVED ON YOUR MAC\DreamBot\Scripts\Fightaholic)
    2. RandomHandler One of the great things of the old days of OSRS cheating, especially when SCAR was popular, was the sharing and co-development of things like random event solvers so I'm bringing it back. Here you'll find a collect of random solvers that work out of the box, save for adding the package to these files. More will be added as I encounter them and have the time to solve them. Supported Random Events: Genie, Mysterious Old Man, Drunken Dwarf, Ricky Turpentine, Freaky Forester, and a generic Dismiss handler Usage Add the files to your script, ideally in a folder named randoms Add RandomHandler.loadRandoms(); to onStart Add RandomHandler.clearRandoms(); to onExit Watch the magic happen I will be adding more options for loading and unloading specific random events Issues Currently, the onPaint doesn't seem to work but that's all. GitHub https://github.com/blakeaholics/DreamBot-RandomHandler
    3. Post your settings... lmfao okay and? You cheated and got caught, it happens. Your fault, definitely not the script's. Set it up properly and it'll go for months.
    4. Taverley isn't officially supported by me but there is probably some support for it built into the new walker for DreamBot. I'll see what I can do to add it myself. I'm in the process of moving so any updates will be a few days
    5. Could you please copy and paste your settings here? Check the OP if you're confused.
    6. Where could I find this thread on the walker updates?
    7. Yeah, unfortunately it's an issue with multiple starts and stops I haven't been able to fix so far.
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