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  1. I'm looking for a simple looting script that just runs to a location where my main has been killing mobs, loots all the stuff on the ground that's available, then idles till it has a full inv. Rinse and repeat.
  2. This bot is utterly sick. I've used it on several accounts now and it does the job perfectly. Highly recommend!
  3. I have recently purchased VIP but I can't seem to get my accounts to save properly. When I make a new tab it just says "No account" and I can't log them in through the client. I have to manually log into RS everytime. I presume I'm just being an idiot and missing an obvious button?
  4. Yo man, nice wee script. I've used it on my fresh account just as a test and seems to work well. I've just typed the odd thing every few minutes as a kind of antiban so seems to be okay :D. Cheers!
  5. I've just come back to this thread to re-mention how well this script works. This works really well and because these days Rock Crabs are so quiet you can be the only person there for hours! I'm on my fourth char and not been banned , sat them up there from lvl 20 combat right up to about 60 usually before I bring them down again. Exp of around 21k per hour at 40/40/40. Well worth the money!
  6. Sure thing - https://ibb.co/8Y6QpBx Sorry it was bigger than the 0.5mb that the forums allow. Always seems to be third time that it collects the ess. It snaps to the exp at the top right of the screen the first two times, could it be because I have anti banned enabled?
  7. Thanks very much! It's working brilliantly. Left it running for four hours just as a test and went from level 1 - 30 RC on just airs. One tiny tiny tiny thing that's probably not even a thing and is probably my settings or something is just when it banks. It seems to open the bank tab and snatch at the rune ess as quickly as possible then close the bank tab. It takes it maybe 3 to 4 attempts to actually get the ess out (5 seconds max stood at bank) but I just thought it might look a tad suspect if Jagex ever looked into your char. But again, that's a tiny thing. Once the trial runs out I will be purchasing the full version, thanks again!
  8. Awdbadidea


    This looks sick! Liked/upvoted, can I please have a trial?
  9. This bot is amazing. I got 99 fletching with it this morning. I would leave it on about 6 hours a day in 2 hour segments, I've had it downloaded maybe 10 days? Never had a problem and very easy to use, cannot recommend enough! If you follow the correct guides online you can actually turn a profit quite well. From 85 - 99 I made over 10 million stringing Magic longbows and selling them.
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