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  1. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to test your script. Unforuntately, I'm experiencing difficulties with the Al Kharid agility course. I'm routinely getting stuck after the 'swinging cable' obstacle and will eventually proceed to run my character into the southern wall 100% of the time. However, If you fall off of the tight rope the course will successfully restart the course up to the aforementioned glitch. Another bit of good news is that there were zero issues during the Draynor Village course levels 10-20 run. I've run through the usual troubleshooting procedure (Restarting client, fresh start, deleting Jagexcache, etc.) through 3 separate trials but it hasn't seemed to have affect the outcome in any meaningful way. I'm not sure if it's relevant but all trial runs were conducted directly on the tile adjacent the beginning obstable. Prior to the trials, the trouble began when I was also unable to get the GUI to appear during the first Al Kharid attempt. So I stopped the script then I started it again a few steps away from the beginning of the course. The GUI would appear but fail to begin the course at all. Below is the debug log from the final trial: [INFO]18:25:25: Connecting to server... [INFO]18:25:27: Connected to server! [INFO]18:25:27: Logged in successfully! You may now open a tab! [INFO]18:25:27: Your current rank(s): [VIP] [INFO]18:25:28: Tab Count: 1 [INFO]18:25:31: Successfully loaded 192 worlds! [INFO]18:25:31: Starting new instance... [INFO]18:25:31: Attempting to connect to OSRS... [INFO]18:25:32: Connection successful! [INFO]18:25:32: Attempting to start new applet... [INFO]18:25:32: Opened gamepack connection! [INFO]18:25:33: Successfully started new applet! [INFO]18:25:33: Loaded 378 field definitions! [INFO]18:25:34: Loaded 6069 web nodes successfully! [INFO]18:25:35: Successfully started new instance! [INFO]18:27:10: Starting game state listener! [INFO]18:27:10: Starting random event solver LOGIN... [INFO]18:27:10: Started game state listener! [INFO]18:27:10: Starting auto-login handler... [INFO]18:27:10: Starting message listener... [INFO]18:27:10: Started message listener! [INFO]18:27:10: Starting GUI... [INFO]18:27:10: Starting experience listener... [INFO]18:27:10: Started experience listener! [INFO]18:27:23: Successfully initialized 21 cache index files! [INFO]18:27:24: Random event solver LOGIN finished! [INFO]18:27:24: Completed auto-login handler! [INFO]18:27:25: Starting random event solver WELCOME_SCREEN... [INFO]18:27:28: Random event solver WELCOME_SCREEN finished! [INFO]18:27:37: lily's AntiBan Pro 3.0 BETA Initialized [INFO]18:27:37: Creating methods... [INFO]18:27:38: Unregistering dismiss randoms... [INFO]18:27:38: Starting timer... [INFO]18:27:38: Script set to running! [INFO]18:27:38: Starting skill tracker... [INFO]18:27:38: Getting food values... [INFO]18:27:38: Your script is now starting! [INFO]18:28:20: We haven't gotten XP in a while, trying unstuck [INFO]18:28:33: Nothing's wrong! Just sneaky antibans! [INFO]18:28:40: We haven't gotten XP in a while, trying unstuck [INFO]18:28:59: We haven't gotten XP in a while, trying unstuck [INFO]18:29:19: We haven't gotten XP in a while, trying unstuck [INFO]18:29:28: Nothing's wrong! Just sneaky antibans! [INFO]18:29:39: We haven't gotten XP in a while, trying unstuck [INFO]18:29:58: Stopping script: lily's Rooftops
  2. Equals95

    Baks Cow Tipper

    Hmm, after initiating the script the GUI closes but the script continues running. So it runs and does what its supposed to, but you can't see GUI or stop the script without closing the client. Edit: The script only does this inconsistently. It did it the first couple of times I've tried it and has only done it once since.
  3. Hmm, I am also having trouble with this script. Edit: Debug console does not reveal any errors. Today I was attempting to do some solo air rune crafting with a talisman, anti-ban behavior enabled. Banking works just fine, so you get your essence and begin running to the altar. You arrive right near your destination and that's where the problem arises. You'll be standing in the same spot in sight of the air altar and the script will be stuck in the walking to altar phase.
  4. Equals95


    Ran into some trouble getting the script to buy items off of the GE. I've tried turning on/off Use Dreambot GE API and buy items off GE functions, but nothing seems to work. The paint screen will say something like Task: Grand Exchange (0/1) or (3/3), then it will abort. Other than that, the script works perfectly, but of course I have to buy everything by hand if I want the quest to get done, unfortunately.
  5. Equals95


    Yo, can I ha dat free trial, bb?
  6. Hey, Nex I can confirm that I am also having the same issue. When the bug occurs, I'll usually be standing on either of the same two spots located on the hill just above the fishing zones. The fishing spots will be just out of sight of the camera, but will resume working if I pause the script, move the camera manually to bring them into view, and then resume.
  7. Hi, Hash New guy here, first time posting to the forums. I purchased your woodcutting script and I was just curious if this script can be used synchronistically with your woodcutter. Edit: Apologies, I re-read your description. It appears it doesn't work like that. For anyone who is curious: "Supports Varrock West, Varrock East and Falador East"
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