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    1. How do you get the height of the player?
    2. From what I understand the current web walker does not support certain dungeon areas. Therefore, I would need to create a custom path for it to walk. How exactly would I do this? Every other explanation I have seen so far do not seem to explain it very well. Say I want to walk a path of: Tile[] path = { new Tile(3274, 3233, 0), new Tile(3273, 3245, 0), new Tile(3274, 3259, 0), new Tile(3273, 3277, 0), new Tile(3273, 3290, 0), new Tile(3273, 3305, 0) };
    3. Hello, this is my first time making a script and am looking for ways to improve it as well as help on a few problems i have with it. it is a simple script that telegrabs the 2 nature runes in deep wildy, hops between two worlds then teleports to varrock where it will bank once it reaches a certain amount. My first question involves the counter, whenever the script grabs a nature rune it takes a long time before it updated in the counter. I believe this is due to it having to go through the entire script before it is updated. Is there a better method for the counter so that it is upda
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