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  1. awesome dude has amazing script support bought the rquester script and he litteraly sat there and babied me thru the hole thing to get it working much easier and smoother great all around dude would buy another script from him again 

  2. awesome dude sold me 15$ voucher np was quick fast easy would recomend and use him again thank you

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    2. Roma


      You must have confused me with someone else, I don't sell vouchers.

    3. gorkan341


      yea i accidently posted that i need help with your rquester pls message me i payed 20 dollers for script and it doesnt work

    4. Roma


      I replied to your PM.

  3. awesome dude sold me 15$ voucher np was quick fast easy would recomend and use him again thank you

  4. 😜 lol just seen this was gonna shoot him to @depwession lol
  5. hello all, i was wondering how i could change my user name on the website as u see it shows gorkan341 when i go into overview it does not give me an option to change it allows me to change other shit but not what i need any ideas? i no where to change the user name / display name however it will not allow me.
  6. id give this certain script a 10/10 it does exactly what it says picks potatos, its simple to use and i ran it for 3 hrs made 50k not bad i just wished the potatos had a higher profit margin on them
  7. gorkan341


    hey!! all i am fairly new to botting and i would love to hire in a trusted scripter to wright me a script that will be able to manage mass botting and able to 1 click load and run all bots at once pls add my discord khali098#3689 thanks message me for details if anyone has any good insight for something like this it would greatly help me in the long run thanks
  8. interested in helping with testing add my discord ErikRS#3689
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