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    1. Walkaholic - Walk almost anywhere in Gielinor [add script] Description This is a very simple automated walking script but the big difference is there are no preset locations, you decide where to go and go basically anywhere! Simply select your desired location on the pop-out map and watch your player navigate across the world Gielinor. Features Teleporting: almost every kind of teleporting is now supported thanks to DaxWalker and @LostVirt as mine was far from complete Shift-click to start: you can automatically start walking to a destination by holding down shift while selecting a location from the "Jump to" menu Checks the map: opens the world map like a human would to figure out where to go"(i.e. human-like reading the map) Dungeon handling: Supports Edgeville, Asgarnian, etc. although the map doesn't show dungeons...yet View WebNodes: check all webnodes at once as you browse the map Anti-ban: general anti-ban while walking Smart obstacle handling: most common uncommon obstacles added to WebWalker (e.g. Large door, Web, etc) Wilderness handling: can cross the ditch in or out of the wilderness Snap to player: follows the player on the pop-out map as they move Center on player: jumps the pop-out map to the player's current location Logout on arrival: logs out once destination is reached Quick-locations: jumps the pop-out map to the selected location Will add more locations on request Troubleshooting Stuck at "Loading map...": Use at least 512MB of RAM GUI As of version 0.12 Coming Soon Automatic eating for dangerous zones Zooming map Dungeon maps Second level maps Known Bugs Map image fails to load if you start and stop the script 4+ times currently Increase the amount of memory DB uses to prevent this. It happens because Java runs out of memory. "Snap to Player" doesn't always change values Bug Reports To submit a bug report, please: Ensure you're on the latest version first Explain your problem as clearly and concise as possible
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    2. @GL0ZZ3N are you seeing this?! are you seeing what im seeing?!
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