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    1. Blasts in the northwest corner of the Blast Mine for 400k gp/h and 40k xp/h! This script single-handedly got my mining from 65 --> 85 while maintaining my bond costs. I figured I'd make this script public since I have no major need for it anymore Shorter proggy w/o breaks: 6hr proggy (w/ frequent breaks and around 80 mining): Account requirements: 43 mining (75+ recommended. Higher level = higher profit/xp) 100% Lovakengj favour Started Architectural Alliance Item requirements (in bank or inv): Chisel, tinderbox, dynamite (around 280/h) Stamina pots (If low on run energy, will take damage) Games Necklace w/ Wintertodt tp unlocked (If not in Kourend) Food (Accidental hits)
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    2. ✨dMTA ✨ Magic Training Arena ⚡ High EXP/hr ⚡ High GP/hr ⚡Task System ⚡ Reward Shop ⚡ All 4 MiniGames ⚡ Anti-Ban ⚡Maze-Solving ⚡ Cupboard Solver ⚡ Note: This is the popular DefiledMTA Script, but Rewritten and Upgraded Last Updated: 23rd of February, 2023 Brief Description: One of the most popular Magic Training Arena script on the market. This script includes all 4 rooms in the Magic Training Arena and each room is scripted with longevity and rigidity in mind, nothing can break no matter what update goes through. The script also features heavy Anti-Pattern making each instance different than the other even if the same setup is used. The script has a very user-friendly GUI and a good looking paint. ✨Features✨ - Games Included: All of them (Telekinetic Theatre, Alchemist's Playground, Enchantment Chamber, Creature Graveyard) - Supports all rewards - Fully automated (No need to specify which rooms to do, it'll do whatever is needed to get the reward required) - Extremely Randomized (including input) (AntiPattern) - Contains a multitude of modes - Good Looking GUI and Paint - Makes use of Path finding algorithms to solve Telekinetic Theatre (No Puzzle Update can break this script) - Contains Puzzle Solvers for Alchemist's Playground - Contains Bone Output Calculator and Eating Difference Calculator for Internal Use - Creature Graveyard: Inventory points listener where it checks the amount of points/fruit-exchange available in inventory, extremely efficient. - Casting Bones2Bananas while healing with Bones2Peaches - Reward Shop Rapid Task Purchasing - Telekinetic Theatre contains a maze solver that can solve any maze that Jagex decides to throw in. Credits for Maze Solver to @Articron ty bb - and much much more... ✨ Alchemist's Playground ✨ ✨ Enchantment Chamber ✨ ✨ Creature's Graveyard ✨ ✨ Telekinetic Theatre ✨ ✨ Video Showcase✨ (This Video is Old, this was of DefiledMTA (previous iteration of dMTA)) ✨ GUI & Paint ✨ GUI: ✨ Informative and Inviting Paint ✨ and more.. ✨ Script Guide ✨ https://defiled.dev/guides/dMTA UPVOTE & JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER & REPLY FOR A TRIAL!
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    3. maclof

      Account Locked.

      Often when you appeal as hijack, they send the unlock email to whichever email address is used as the login, not the email you set on the account So for example your login email may be [email protected] You registered [email protected] They're sending the unlock email to [email protected], not the email you registered on the account
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    4. Another... Problem with: Nexus in home Current behavior: Teleporting to Varrock square, and then running to the G.E. Desired: Teleporting directly to G.E., if the player's nexus contains the G.E. option
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