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    Right so my goal is to work out for myself what works best and to achieve 5-10m per day with no real money being spent except for dreambot vip.  


    The last week or so I have been testing the waters, running 2 bots doing different activities. I've been making between 500k to 1500k a day, which compared to most other users is pitiful but to me is impressive.



    Below I am going to make a timeline and see what I can do across the next month.



    21/03, made 9 accounts, put them through tutorial island (botted)


    22/03 entry 1, botted said 9 accounts to 8 q p, set 4 bots to mine tin and copper (not for profit, I want to start smithing on my main, though I will be selling the bars most likely.) and 5 bots to loot cowhides. As of 12pm GMT, each miner is getting 350 rocks/hr and each cowhide grabber is getting around 250 hides per hour, meaning if I can get all my bots to run for about 6 hours today, I'll have a great haul.


    22/03 entry 2, grabbed some ore from my miners, after about 3 hours, here's the proggies http://i.imgur.com/aSiiccj.png a total waste of time profit wise but still incredible to see how far they can go until banned. I'm about to collect 5000 cowhides soon, so that's nice.


    23/03 entry 1, what a shit start to the day, made 18 accounts, all 18 were banned before getting through tutorial island. A crying shame. I think it is time to get new IPs.



    23/03 entry 2, new ip, tried to make 5 accounts per ip, all were banned within 10 minutes. Life isn't good, Going to try to make 2 accounts per ip, if that fails I'm giving up for the day.


    23/03 entry 3, new ip, tried making 2 bots, still banned after doing tutorial island. I don't have a clue what is going on but it seems I am fucked for now. Today is not a good day. Not going to give up yet, going to try 1 account per IP. if THAT doesn't work I'm just going to buy some accounts because holy shit this is not worth my time.



    23/03 entry 4, no idea how they're doing it, but they're able to kill my bots no matter what I do. New ips, new computers, they're banning me within 5 minutes of account creation. Something isn't right.



    24/03 entry 1, I have an idea as to why I can't bot anything through tut island, I need to do some experiments to confirm my suspicions.   Did 2 tests, I was barking up the wrong tree. Thought covert mode was the cause, it wasn't. The cause is the tutorial island script is really bad at doing stuff, I actually watched it and it just fumbles around opening doors 20 times before it goes through them, and stuff.


    24/03 entry 2, managed to get 5 3 accounts up and running, going to bot cowhides for a while. 


    24/03 entry 3, got 500k worth of hides, such a small amount but compared to yesterday's NOTHING it is an infinite improvement.


    24/03 entry 4, got an additional 1100k worth of hides, meaning today I have made 1.6m, which is great, it keeps me in membership.


    25/03 entry 1, I botted my 5 accounts for 9 hours yesterday, logged in and they're not even banned. Going to bot them into the ground today then leave it till monday. 



    28/03, totally forgot to run my bots on monday. Ran them today for 6 hours and got around 1.7m not too shabby. My gold count is finally green.


    29/03, got 1.6m not bad


    30/03, 1.6m again, this is good






    I will update this thread as I new developments occur.

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    what scripts and setup u use for 1500k a day?


    Lots of bots running lots of scripts, woodcutting, cowhide grabbing, cowhide tanning, mining etc. 


    I specifically got 1500k in a day from running 4 bots for 12 hours (had to make new accounts after 5 hours due to bans)

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