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    Welcome to GP's Progress Report Thread
    It will be fairly Simple !
    Pictures and little amount of text.
    Start date: 07/11/2016
    End date: 05/12/2016
    Profit aim: 2147M
    Total Profit gained: 2553M
    655M OSRS - week 1
    768M OSRS - week 2
    700M OSRS - week 3
    530M OSRS - week 4
    Private script will be used
    Accounts are all members
    44bots/week except the first week
    Costs incurred: 6 VPS (63,94 euro/month)
    BOT SPONSOR 6 month renewal (6,66$/month)
    NOTE: I only bot on thursday - monday morning
    Week 1
    Duration botted: 10/11/16 @ 3PM +1GMT until 14/11/16 @10 AM GMT : Amount in hours: 86-89Hours(without breaks)
    I've lost 150M duo me being careless and forgot to change the passwords on my goldfarm. so some got hacked (lol) but this week was probably one of the best profits
    Accounts ran during bot time: 33 (normally 44 but the lower end method I avoided this week cause of hacks & was out of gp lol)
    Bans: 26/33
    Problems Occurred: Hacking part 
    Profit: 695M OSRS (lost 40$ had to buy gp duo the hack stuff)
    Sold 535M osrs and kept 90Mil so I can buy 3K creation accounts
    Extra 70M gold because not all we're banned on monday
    Week 2
    Duration botted: Start up 17/11/16 2PM +1GMT
    Accounts ran during bot time: 44
    Bans: 15/44
    Problems Occurred: none
    Profit: 768M osrs (saved 98M on next batch cause not all ban, RWTED further)
    Week 3
    Duration botted: Start up 24/11/16 2PM +1GMT
    Accounts ran during bot time: 44
    Bans: 0/44
    Profit: 600M osrs
    Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/uBAp0 > 100m more to sell
    Week 4
    Duration botted: Start up 24/11/16 2PM +1GMT
    Accounts ran during bot time: 44
    Bans: 44/44
    Profit: 530M osrs
    Edited by Arrow
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    you are using private scripts ofc.


    i would like to see botfarm progres with dns scripts though

    Ah forgot to add I'm using private script thanks for pointing that out lel :)

    Edited by Ned Stark
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