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    Let me tell you something before you type.

    1. I'm a windows fag and I don't know basic coding.

    2. I obviously need best cost/performance, but also usable to a pleb like me

    3. I want to run 10 accounts at a time


    I don't know if I need more than one vps, what specs will run x amount of bots, where I should be looking ect.


    Yes, I know linux or ubuntu runs better, should I learn how to code and then get one or just stick with windows vps?


    Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you!

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    You should upgrade your PC. A VPS with that power costs like 40$ per month. You could just buy 8 gb ram with that money. 


    That way you don't really lose any money if your farm gets banned. Also get private proxies. :P


    I used a VPS a few years ago and noticed how my accounts got banned way faster than on my home ip. I was running 3 accounts on my home ip and 1 on the vps. 

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    windows azure offers them I think, I dont think they're cheap though.


    I'd recommend searching around on google because not many people give good providers away =p

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    Sorry mate these suggestions are -_-


    1. Windows Azure is aimed at companies not small ones but big ones so they gonna overcharge for what they provide. DO NOT USE THEM

    2. It won't cost $40/month, it costs me $15 to run 12 accounts constantly.


    2nd Trader was right you won't be hand held this information.

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    Azure is quite possibly the worse suggestion based on how much it's going to cost you. Azure is aimed at enterprize-level companies needing fast, scalable cloud computing.


    For the best performance you will need to get hold of a VPS that can support a Linux distribution (centos or debian) and then depending on the bot you may want each bot to have a minimum of 512-1gb of ram so you will need a minimum of 8gb for your 8 bots.


    You need to do some maths and after you run one bot, see how much cpu % and memory % you're using and then divide that among your 8 bots. I think you'll be looking at around 2gb ram, 1 to 2 cpu cores and a small amount of disk space for $10-$15 a month. Expect an 8gb, quad core server to be running around $20+ per month.


    I recommend https://www.server4you.net/virtual-server they have some decent prices for the hardware on offer. I think there is a bandwidth limitation but I think it's a decent size.

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