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    First off, Yowdy y'all how y'all doing. Hope y'all having a might fine country day today. Glad to see all y'all giddy up to dreambot.


    Anyways, just broke up with my wife (sandy cheeks) if yall already know her..2693c3bf529bf3694c4855570d2ad997.jpg here's a mighty fine pic i got of her last night after throwin a big dip of copenhagen mint! in my F-150.


    Later had to leave her as she became a bit nutty, around me and my farm. Now apply for a new country girl.... I found one on runescape gave her 3.4mil potatos to sell off for me and she logged off. Later finding out, wasnt even a girl OR A COUNTRY FOLK! Damn city folks always trying to scam me... anyways looking for a good looking lady' halloween1.jpg Thats the kinda girl i be lookin for. Would hoedown her everynight in my shed. Maybe even wet my whistle with some moonshine. if you a city folk you better skedaddle outta here. but yall yonder over here if you wanna chat


    name: blake

    Hobbies: milking cows, Picking the corn, feddin the chickens, Smoking ganj, lookin at some nice cowgirl porn. playin runescape

    age: 10



    irl pic: CTfsf6TUAAALZoC.jpg



    hope yall have a mighty fine day hopefully when can giddy up later tonight if you want yee haw mother truckers




    HEY YALLL IM BACK AGAIN! @Eclipseop thanks to this cowboy ill be signing up at farmers only.... but it cost monejy



    PLEASE DONATE PM ME OR SEND PAYMENT TO [email protected] i use the paypal to get a nice cowgirl!!!! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH 



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    lottta tough shit on the farm, need a helper and tired of being single, i mean im 5'3" 342.8 pounds, maybe thats why. Just need a goodlookin cowgirl in my life

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