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  • Dev Blog #3

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Sorry we missed last week everyone! We were all busy burning off the excess of Turkey/Ham/Whatever that we ate over Thanksgiving.


    We have made a ton of progress these last two weeks, and I have some exciting announcements to make!


    Accomplished this week:

    1.0.1 Beta release fixes



    • Tracker #000014: clickContinue wrong widget fix
    • Tracker #000003: Area ne/sw inclusive fix
    • Tracker #000008: Memory debug, other graphical changes
    • Tracker #000009: Themer saving and stuff fix
    • Tracker #000011,#000004: Fixed object models returning non-models
    • Tracker #000018: Fixed players
    • Tracker #000004: Fixed entity debugger
    • Tracker #000017: API added method getPlayer(String name)
    • Tracker #000005: Z coordinate fix for Areas
    • Tracker #000007,#000013: Fixed freezing when using player position debug and not logged in
    • Interactions updates, Player composite update, mouse heatmaps, and other bug fixed



    1.0.2 Beta release fixes




    • Tracker #000020: Added capturing and caching of npc models
    • Tracker #000027: Added models for special objects (ie. fire)
    • Tracker #000022: Fixed BankImpl#withdraw(Item item)
    • Tracker #000021: Now opens inventory tab to interact with inventory item if not open
    • Tracker #000024: Fixed problem with Area.contains with ground items
    • Tracker #000019: Fixed interactions with wall objects
    • Tracker #000015: Fixed onMessage not working
    • Tracker #000026: Fixed widget positions
    • Fixed RS server IPs and added imgur to security exceptions.
    • Separated the bot console into another window



    1.0.3 Beta release fixes



    • Tracker #000029: Made filters non-generic
    • Tracker #000010: Fixed NPC interaction stopping some scripts
    • Tracker #000025: Fixed null player models
    • Tracker #000030: Fixed NPE when getting NPC
    • Bunch of interaction updates
    • Idle Camera Controller



    1.0.4 Beta release fixes






    1.0.5 Beta release fixes






    1.0.6 Beta release fixes




    • Tracker #000037: Fixed onMessage failing to catch some messages
    • Tracker #000035: Fixed NPE on getPlayers().getPlayers()
    • Tracker #000038: Added Utilities#formatInteger
    • Tracker #000042: Fixed spam clicking in walkPath
    • Tracker #000043, #000040: Fixed some models
    • Tracker #000041: Fixed inventory item interaction
    • Added isUserVIP, isUserVIP+, isUserSponsor
    • Lots of walking fixes



    1.0.7 Beta release fixes




    • Bunch of magical stuff



    1.0.8 Beta release fixes




    • Tracker #000049: Fixed interactions with things on edge of screen
    • NPE checks
    • Hooks



    We have also added the Idle Camera Controller, the Idle Mouse Controller has been tweaked as well.

    This has been a majority of our work over the last two weeks. There have also been edits made to the forums, the SDN, etc.


    Starting today we're going to start assigning members to the Beta Tester group. They will have access to use the current scripts on the SDN and use the client. If you want to be a beta tester (and haven't already applied) please apply here





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    Please note that we expect beta testers to give feedback. Those who don't give feedback will have their early access revoked.

    Lol leeeeeeeeeechers

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