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  • Gains Climbing Boots [~325k gp/h] - [Energy potions] - [Low requirements]


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    Latest update: 23rd of October, 2021




    • Buys Climbing boots near Burthorpe and banks them at Castle Wars.
    • Shop sells them for only 12 gp each which makes the profit margin huge.
    • Supports Stamina potions / Super energys / Energy potions.
    • Fetches the current G.E. prices and calculates the profit for you.
    • Supports prehovering.
    • Supports QuickStart.
    • P2P money making method.



    • Write item name for potions you want to use.
    • Write either no or yes to use prehovering.
    • Example: -params "Energy potion" Yes


    Estimated profit per hour (without potions):


    Games necklace.png 2.4 x Games necklace(8) = 2,064 gp

    Ring of dueling.png 2.4 x Ring of dueling(8) = 1,882 gp

    Climbing boots.png 550 x Climbing boots purchasing costs = 6,000 gp


    Climbing boots.png 550 x Climbing boots = 336,600 gp

    Coins 10000.png + 326,654 gp



    • Have Death Plateau quest completed.
    • Start at Castle Wars bank.
    • Have nothing in inventory or equipment.
    • Have Coins in your bank.
    • Have Ring of duelings in your bank.
    • Have Games necklaces in your bank.
    • Do not set bank placeholders for items used in this method.
    • Have Roofs off.
    • Have Accept Aid off.




    @Faux95 10/10 script


    @sibevs2501 Hey bro, also bought this script works perfect


    @Clareance Just bought the script, really awesome so far :) 3 hours in now, 800 boots bought and no ban yet.


    Gallery: (watch the video in fullscreen)




    • Feel free to give the script a rating on the store.
    • You may also post a proggy to the thread.
    • If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know.
    • No trials for this script because it would ruin the profits for paid customers.



    Edited by Gains
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    Nice release! Glad to see you are making some quality scripts.



    Used to do this by hand every now and then :P nice script


    Thank you. Appreciate it!

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Just noticed. If you are putting this on SDN this forum page should be in the SDN scripts section not the local Scripts section.

    Yes I know. I will request this to be moved once I got it into SDN.

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    • Gains changed the title to Gains Climbing Boots [~325k gp/h] - [Energy potions] - [Low requirements]

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