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    How to Upload a Photo


    Step 1 
    You first need to take your picture and to do this you need to press Prtc sc
    Step 2
    Once you have taken your picture you need to save it so open "Paint"
    Step 3
    Next you need to paste it into "Paint" so press the following Keys together "Ctrl+V"
    Step 4
    This step you can crop your photo to the correct size to upload if you don't need too, skip to step 5. So to Crop a photo in paint you click the following!
    Once this tool is selected you highlight the area you want and drag the dotted box around it. Once you have done this right click and "Copy"
    Once this is done repeat step 3, If your crop is smaller than "Paints" paste area you will get a white box around around to picture to get rid of this in the bottom right corner there is pullys, You just drag these in-towards the pictures.
    Step 5
    To save your screen shot, Hit File and save then put it into a folder or somewhere you will remember.
    Step 6
    Next go to 
     to upload your image, the website should look something like this.2my4zvd.png
    Step 7
    Next to get the IMG link you need to first click "Browse"
    Once you have clicked browsed click "Ok"
    Then a catche will pop up this must be filled out in order to get you IMG link.
    Step 8
    Last step you will have a list of IMG links you need the one called "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards"
    Copy and paste that link into a post and you are finished!

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