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  • Port Saram Seagull Killer With antiban/ Safer botting


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    Recently I have been thinking about ways to bot smart and have lower chances of getting banned.

    Places like rock crabs, experiments, yaks, ect. Are all very high ban rate areas as far as I can tell a lot of people are getting banned botting at those locations.

    Maybe if you go to places nobody really ever goes to train, places where you wont really encounter people even, you will be "safer".

    So... I think it'd be fantastic if someone made a really good seagull killer. Its basic, it would be efficient, Id like to see one get posted up but no hard feelings if nobody does it :D


    PS Back in the day in like 2011-2013 I would bot seagulls on most of my pures, worked wonders... chickens were always to crowded. I think it was like 8k exp an hour I cant remember.

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    This should be rather easy to make - I might look into making this in the future, but I cannot give you an estimate. :-)

    some ideas i had was just

    set seagull area


    find npc seagull -> interact -> attack

    sleepuntil incombat

    sleepuntil npc hp = 0

    loop haha super basic

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