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    before i go off and run to get my money back on this script i thought i would ask if maybe i'm doing something wrong...


    basically i've been banned 6 times using this script and i've changed my ip address 4 times in the last 3 weeks hoping for results.. my ban occurred between 2 hours-1 day, instant ban..


    i've ran my fishing script that i have bought from here for a week straight and still no ban (which is great!) but the woodcutting bot is just bad news...

    i am using zway's woodcutting bot.



    Main issues that i think cause the bot to get me banned easily is the banking and the lack of response time...


    it happens with every location from regular logs to magic logs..

    it will bank once and after that sit there and click around from what i can assume hours because i will be away at work..

    it waits between 15-40 seconds to start chopping between trees and sometimes miss clicks and sits there thinking that it is chopping.



    the reason i say that maybe i'm doing something wrong is because it says bot is on version 0.5. maybe the bot isn't updated?

    do i have to update the bot manually and i just missed the memo?



    advice or assistance would be appreciated :)


    i am going to bed and will check back tomorrow in hopes of a response. 


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    I can't understand why you never pmed me, the response time can be fixed in a couple mins.
    Also, Jagex is banning everyone right now. It's not the script.




    I have pushed a update which should chop faster =)

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    i did post btw?




    The yews at edge have a bank bug problem...

    the bot walks next to counter and right clicks on banker and clicks bank and doesn't bank.. so it sits there...

    right clicking the same thing and not banking...

    did it after 3rd load of yews...


    watching it carefully at the moment to see if it does it again on the 4th load..



    the easiest fix is to correctly bank yourself... which im usually not around to check on the bot so... making account suspicious...


    fix please  <3


    while talking about this could you add a few things?


    possible hide the + sign mouse option


    make GUI hide-able


    show xp gained or xp till level



    i like to stream and the mouse moving so perfectly makes it not look legit and i also can't show the whole screen so it makes me sad :L


    another suggestion for the skillers...


    add a oh shit my bot forgot the axe again and tried to cut wood for 5 hours thing lol.... me right there

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    While I see your point in this post, and I understand the confusion and questions you have, this is not the correct section to post them in.

    If you've tried contacting the script developer (through thread and PM) and he still doesn't fix issues with the script, post in the broken scripts section.

    But since Zawy is active with his script updates (I've just compiled that update btw) I believe PMing him would have been an easy way to solve these problems.

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