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    Now hear me out before you call me stupid.


    If I bot on 2 seperate computers at the same time through the same IP is seems to be that the banrate doesn't increase, which would mean Jagex could be looking at IP + port to catch botters.


    However, with windows you can do /tasklist to see which applications run through which ports; and if you use two seperate client windows rather than tabs, they run through different ports, so the game would assume it's two seperate people on the same wifi, right?


    Now you can call me stupid.

    okay now what if I were to two virtual machines on the same computer? Wat wuld happen then



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    Each seperate application will be given a seperate port to run off of even on the same computer so.

    I don't think jagex can see the MAC address of devices on your LAN- only the MAC address of your external gateway. So virtual machines are kinda useless.

    All tabs in one client will still run off of the same jagexcache. Each client will run off it's own jagexcache. That's something to consider as well

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