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    Hello to you all,


    As I have state in many other forum posts on this website, I am fairly new to the concept of scripting.  I experimented with powerbot in the past for EoC, but since that was realized I stopped playing and only recently have picked up RS07 again because it brings back memories and many of my friends decided to give it a shot again as well.


    As far as private scripting goes, I am looking for a private script that only I would use, as well as my roommate who is VIP with Dreambot as well.  I firstly wanted to get some pricing, and mainly to see if the script request I am asking for is even a possibility.  If it is not a possibility, I willl edit it to make it doable, given that currently my request is quite broad.


    I do not have skype, but there are many other ways we can chat in private to discuss the script, pricing, and details of the script.  I am looking for trusted scripters, and being someone who has purchased a decent amount of the scripts off of the SDN, I have a select few names who I would love to see design this script due to the fluidness of scripts they have made in the past that I use.  That being said, I will take chances on other scripters as well that have done private requests and have good reviews.  Thanks everyone!

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    Thought a certain aspect of the game that used to be in runescape was still in runescape.  But its not, so therefor I have no use for a private script anymore.  Please close this.

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    Buying private scripts is against the rules

    People may purchase private scripts here. Only requirement is that the scripter be 'Scripter+'


    Locking thread as no longer needed



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