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    Not sure where to ask this as there doesn't seem to be a generic "Questions" section of the forums, so I guess since asking questions will help me with my goals, I'll ask here. Move it or tell me if it's wrong. 

    Questions will be below the next paragraph. 

    So a few days ago I started botting with Dreambot. It's been nice, easy, I grabbed VIP 2 days in for the multiple accounts. I'm very new to botting though; I got my first ban today. It's completely fine, I was being as transparent as possible, chopping the trees south of Grand Exchange and north of Varrock Bank. It was a low player count world, around 150 players, but it was F2P so lots of people were contained in a smaller part of the map. My other accounts that did similar stuff are all in fine standing so far. They may get banned later on, even if I don't play, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can bit by bit, so..

    1.) What exactly does Suicide Botting mean? I know it means "This bot's gonna do this thing that's definitely going to get it banned, but I'm going to do it anyway", but what sort of reasons would someone suicide bot and how often do you mule your gold? Is it not really tedious? 

    2.) I used some of those temporary email addresses to sign up for my accounts. Now I can't log in to them in order to view/appeal my ban. Is this something I should care about at all or should I just accept the ban and not try to appeal? 

    3.) The Max Memory limit which appears when starting the client, is there some optimal amount I should give it? I doubt giving it more is going to help much, but I can guess that the minimum might limit the bots' performances? 

    4.) From your guys' theories, are most bans due to reviewed reports from other players, or auto-detection systems? 

    5.) In the client's options, there're "No Click Walk" and "Menu Manipulation". Could someone explain what these options do, along with "Covert Mode"? 

    Many thanks! 

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    Suicide Botting refers to the practice of running a bot non-stop on an account for as long as possible without regard for the account's longevity. The expectation is that the account will eventually be banned. People engage in suicide botting for various reasons, such as generating in-game currency or resources in a short amount of time. The practice is considered "suicidal" for the account's lifespan because it maximizes short-term gains at the expense of getting the account banned. Muling (transferring resources to another account) frequency varies among botters, often depending on the perceived risk and the amount of in-game currency or items gathered. Yes, it can be tedious, but it's a risk management strategy to avoid losing all accumulated resources upon a ban.

    If you're considering starting a small bot farm and are contemplating the registration process for your accounts, using legitimate email addresses from reputable providers like Outlook or Gmail can significantly affect your ability to manage and maintain your botting operation over the long term. Generally if the account is quite new and you are caught botting, it will be permanently banned and you would just have to create a new account and move on.

    The optimal amount of memory to allocate to a bot client depends on the bot's requirements and the capabilities of your computer. Allocating too little memory can indeed limit performance, especially if running multiple bots or if the bot performs memory-intensive operations. (which depends on the script used)  However, allocating too much memory that isn't used can also be inefficient. I would experiment and see what works best.

    while both player reports and auto-detection systems are essential tools in identifying and banning bots, OSRS  leans towards a heavier reliance on auto-detection systems for the bulk of detection efforts. It starts right from the account creation process all the way to playing the game.  These systems can operate continuously and on a larger scale than player reports can manage. However, player reports add a critical layer of oversight that can catch outliers and contribute to refining the detection algorithms.

    Covert Mode: While the specific workings of "Covert Mode" in DreamBot are not publicly detailed by the developers to prevent  Jagex from countering their methods, it does lower ban rate.

    The "No Click Walk" feature you mentioned involves injecting code into the game to enable the character to walk without the need for mouse clicks as far as I'm aware

    Menu Manipulation - Instead of interacting with the entity, mouse will now left click any interaction (if supported)

    The last two you probably shouldn't worry about them if your new to botting

    I hope this helps

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