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  • ⚡ White Dragon Services ⚡quality PVM services at a fair prices! (Cheapest Gauntlet kc)

    TheGriff DNT

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    Are you looking for accounts to play Old School RuneScape or for your farming needs? White Dragon Accounts offers you the best deals on various types of accounts. Don't waste time; contact us now.

    Contact Information:
    Discord user: the.white.dragon
    Discord UID: 935542150089818192

    We offer the following accounts for you:
    Chambers of Xeric (COX)
    Threatre of Blood (TOB)
    Tombs of Amascut (TOA)

    Abyssal Sire
    Demonic gorilla
    Basilisk knights

    King black dragon

    K'ril Tsutsaroth
    General Graardor
    Nex Trio
    Commander Zilyana

    Firecape (Mains/Zerk/Pures)
    Corporeal Beast
    Kalphite Queen
    Dagannoth Kings cycle
    Phantom muspah
    Phosani nightmare
    the whisperer
    the duke

    Term Of Services:
    The customer is responsible for covering all necessary costs to complete the service.
    All our services are carried out through direct account access (login). We do not offer services through Parsec or similar platforms.
    The customer must make payment before the service begins.
    Refunds will not be issued unless deemed necessary by us.
    We are not obliged to accept an order if we choose not to.
    The customer must avoid attempting to access the account while the service is underway; otherwise, the service will be canceled without a refund.
    The customer is entitled to receive up to 2 updates per day related to the service.
    The customer will retain all items received during the provision of the service.
    We do not assume responsibility for bans related to the sale of virtual items (RWT).
    All exchanges must be conducted through our ticket system; we do not assume responsibility for scams occurring outside our server.
    The customer is expected to maintain a respectful demeanor with our team. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
    Our terms of service are subject to change.
    By opening a ticket, you accept all our terms and conditions of service.

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    • TheGriff DNT changed the title to ⚡ White Dragon Services ⚡quality PVM services at a fair prices! (Cheapest Gauntlet kc)
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