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    Hey, I'm finally shedding some light on the manager I was working on for the past 2 months, just look at how many commits there are 😂


    Get Accounts Ready To Bot In Seconds...

    Let's say you have added 6 proxies, and you choose 2 accounts per sub-batch (that'll make sense later), this way you can pretty much get 12 accounts ready with a click of a button, the only thing you have to do is select a page where the accounts will be stored at.


    Let's Break Down The Confusion

    I know, this looks confusing AF, so let's break it down real quick.

    1) I have 6 proxies created, and I selected "2" for the accounts per sub-batch, this means that for every proxy, there's gonna be 2 accounts attached. And in total 12 accounts will be created.

    2) There's also a Page sector there, this is where I can pick whatever page I've created, it can be anything, Tutorial Accounts, Tutorial accounts 2, etc, etc, it's just for organizing the accounts and not having them sit all cramped up into 1 spot.

    3) And  the most exciting system: the Assignment, this is the main dog of the software that makes farming accounts to your liking, easy.

    The Assignment System (Really Good Sh*t)

    This is what allows you to bundle up tasks, let's say you want to create unrestricted accounts, you add a task to run a certain script until it finishes, that gets you 10 quest points and 100 total level, but the script doesn't take care of the 20 hours requirement.

    No problem, you can add a 2nd task that runs a script until it finishes that afks until you have 20 hours.

    Essentially you can have multiple scripts working together to create you the perfect account or get you ready for farming gold.


    How Running Accounts Look Like

    I won't elaborate too much on what's going on, but this is how the accounts section looks like where you can control your accs.


    Final Thoughts

    There's far more to the software than what I showed, but I don't want to make this post any longer than it already is.

    There's also an updater for the manager so updates takes a few seconds to get done. (It's written in python).

    The manager is written with node, react and electron (javascript essentially).

    That'll be all, let me know if you'd be interested in buying this manager at some point, right now we're exclusively using it ourselves, but in the future I might as well sell it.

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Automation Reached A New Level

    Added gamechanger functionality, now you can set up a sequence of commands, run it and forget about it, the manager will rotate accounts, restock banned accs, and send finished accounts to database automatically.

    It can all be configured to your liking; I've created somewhat of a programming language inside the manager lmao.



    Currently available commands:

    SELECT PAGE *page name*

    REFILL *assignment name* (let's say you have 12 accs per batch inside your page, and 1 gets banned, this command will automatically restore your accs back to 12).

    LAUNCH ALL (or instead of all, you can set a number of accs you want to launch inside the page you selected; also fun fact, accounts that are already launched won't be effected by this command, so if you launched, refilled, and launched again, only the refilled accs would get launched).

    STOP ALL (same functionality as launch all, but reversed)

    WAIT (this is a sleep function with randomization, if you set it to 500 minutes, it'll sleep around 504-560 mins before executing your next command)

    LOOP FOREVER (this allows you to repeat your sequences all over again forever and ever)

    Real Script That We're Using Right Now


    It rotates and refills 2 batches for us automatically, it's a bit lengthily, but you set it up once and only need to do small tweaks from that point on, also you can transfer it to another server easily. All in all, you gotta set it up once and forget about it.

    O btw, here's the current commits count on github 😛


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    6 hours ago, Faralen said:

    Looks incredible, I will definitely be interested in purchasing in the future. 


    Thanks for the interest, ever since the script update, I barely have to manage anything anymore, but the annoying part is that with all these features, there's a lil bit of a learning curve, I'll have to do some external work for the soft, like adding a guide manual. Stay tuned.

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    Well, I literally left this guy running for 2 days straight without supervision, and I came back to having 2 batches almost completely finished, I forgot to add more accounts to the refill system, that would've made this infobox even longer 😛

    Anyways, a good case study that this sh*t is powerful.


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    On 4/3/2023 at 3:26 AM, Thekingboss12 said:


    Well, I can't really sell it yet, I don't have any proper documentation and I'm hosting the updater on my own pc, not a server, still have to figure out the logistics pretty much, but thanks for your interest. 👌

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    Btw, forgot to mention, but this manager is using sandboxie and best quickstart practices to isolate accounts and prevent detectability, I've been running hundreds of accs on the same freaking proxies and barely get anything banned.

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