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  • Knight of Ardougne Pickpocketing


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    - Find a world where the Knight is being pickpocketed in the south Ardougne bank and start there. (See image)

    - If you want to use food select one if not leave it on 'None'.

    - If you want the bot to stop at a target level select one if not then leave it on ''None'.

    - If you want to use 'dodgy necklaces' enable the Radio Button.

    - NPC Attack options needs to be on 'Hidden'


    - Auto banks to replenish food (if enabled) and necklaces (if enabled)

    - Auto heals when health sinks below 20hp




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    Knight of Ardougne Pickpocketing has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.1 and is available in the client!

    • Added Extra food choices
    • Changed Health check from int value to health percentage
    • Fixed the incorrect formatting of time till the next level
    • Settings UI now closes when clicking 'start'
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    just wanted to report that its bugged... since they changed the maximum of pouches u can have from 28 to 84 it tries to open the pouches when you reach 28 but don´t opens it and continues to pickpocket until u reach the 84 pouches. than it just continues spamclicking the knight but u cant get xp or more pouches...

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    Love this script, but as mentioned, it tries to click on the pouch once at 28 pouches, but it doesn't open them. Then you pickpocket until full on pouches and it gets stuck.

    Edit: It seems  that it tries to open the pouch to quick while it''s still trying to pickpocket and that's why it doesn't open the pouch. Adding a 1-2 second delay or re-checking/multiple clicks should fix it.

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    I am having a doubt when placing the script in function it does not execute any movement waiting while it does it it disconnects because it does not make any movement

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