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    On 3/18/2022 at 12:16 PM, masterbot888 said:

    I played since classic till RS3 came out and near the end of that term I botted quite a bit and had really no issues with botting. Recently came back to the game, just surprised by the instant ban.

    I heard that maybe botting tutorial island and the early stage may raise more detection?


    imo, it is easier to buy finished tutorial island accounts. early-life (game) botting account is risky as youre just a level 3. i like to try to play these like so;

    • bond up or membership code to become a member
    • do some easy P2P quests; waterfall, priest in peril, witch's house & potion, imp catcher, etc some basic easy quests that are easily done
    • bot 1-3 hours of rotating skills
    • keep up the bot but doing it smart (or at least)
    • questing manually here and there since more quests become easier as you level up
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    If the account builder is doing quests im pretty sure its the basic f2p quests getting account banned. 

    Have to imagine how many gold farmers and bot farms run quest scripts for 10 qp to fix trade limit, so they probably have a lot of checks on those quests for if scripts bug up or etc.

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    • 1 month later...

    I used to 24/7 suicide bot back when rsbots.net was a thing... now my accounts last about a day before they get the ban hammer.

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    Found personal/private scripts help reduce ban rates, I also have noticed combat related botting tends to be less likely to be banned but that could just be what or where you bot combat. Be creative about where you go to bot and what you bot and it might help reduce bans, aka don't bot rock crabs, hill giants, chickens, cows, etc.

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