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    it would be great if the Dreambot client had a feature to take screenshots in desired intervals saving them in a specified directory. Then you can paste your discord webhook URL in the Settings and if activated in the general settings the bot will create screenshots of the bot for example every 15 minutes and upload it to the discord channel.

    That way everyone can monitor every bot anywhere anytime :)

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    • 5 months later...

    Neffarion employs a text log in his scripts, it records the chat of other players throughout the run time. I find that if a script runs well for about an hour, there's no need to monitor much other than possible red flags from other players. idk why, but people feel the need to be vocal that they've reported an account for macroing, give those folks a gold star. Text log has served me well, wish more scripters would implement the feature, or just add it to the client. Purely opinion....

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    Robot robot = new Robot();
    Frame clientFrame;
    public int onLoop() {
        // get the main dreambot client frame, afaik the game client is the only frame that says dreambot, console & script manager dont
        for (Frame frame : Frame.getFrames()) {
            if (frame.getTitle().toLowerCase().contains("dreambot")) {
                log("Found dreambot frame");
                clientFrame = frame;
        Rectangle gameScreen = new Rectangle(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize());
        // take screenshot of ur whole screen
        BufferedImage screenShotImage = robot.createScreenCapture(gameScreen);
        // crop screenshot to only include the game client
        BufferedImage croppedScreenShot = screenShotImage.getSubimage(clientFrame.getX(), clientFrame.getY(), clientFrame.getWidth(), clientFrame.getHeight());
        try {
            ImageIO.write(croppedScreenShot, "jpg", new File("screenie.jpg"));
            log(Color.CYAN, "took screenie");
        // do whatever jda / webhook stuff youd like here to send ur image to discord
        } catch (IOException e) {
            throw new RuntimeException(e);
        return 5000;

    you can use that code above to get a screenshot of your game pretty cool i might start using it

    if you want to use the same kind of logging but on someone elses script id think you could make a script that just launches a thread to run the monitor screenshot code in a loop and another thread to spawn the next script with


    i dont know if discord allows directly uploading images in the webhook request i think you have to use a 3rd party like imgur, wouldnt want ur bots screenshots public on imgur so id use jda

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