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    I was wondering if there was a quick way to find if a path has an obstacle between start and destination.

    For example

    Tile start = getLocalPlayer().getTile() // Start
    Tile end = new Tile( 10, 10) //Destination
    Walking.getAStarPathFinder().hasObstacle(start, end) //Returns true if there is an uncompleted obstacle between start and end

    Is there anything like that?

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    Not sure if this is what you mean but the Walking class has a method canWalk that returns a boolean value.


    Tile end = new Tile( 10, 10, 0); //Destination


    This will return either true or false.

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    • 2 weeks later...

    I am also wondering what OP is.

    1. Walking.canWalk(destinationTile) returns false for me, after constructing the Tile with X,Y coords, somehow returned "false if not local or unable to find a path to tile" even though it had a clear path to nearby tile.

    2. destinationTile.getFlags() returns integers for various obstacles of a destination tile, but they're not the same as TileFlags Enum https://dreambot.org/javadocs/constant-values.html#org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.pathfinding.data.TileFlags.NULL

    3. TileMap and CollisionMap can somehow be constructed from a Reference (??) of Objects, Entities, but not TileReferences (???) and those maps give you a method isWalkable:

    boolean isWalkable(int x1,
                       int y1,
                       int x2,
                       int y2)
    Check if the given location is walkable, i.values. no blocked movement.
    x1 - The x coordinate of the start tile to check
    y1 - The y coordinate of the start tile to check
    x2 - The x coordinate of the destination tile to check
    y2 - The y coordinate of the destination tile to check
    true, if the destination is walkable.
    So if anyone could halp plz
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