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  • Range tank, High mage, high def, staker ready, starter main


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    Hi, This account is really old created in 2006 comes with an actually log in name, it's been my baby on rs3 for a while it's maxed all 99's combat + barrows gloves on there so you are getting a double deal here. It was going to be my staker, but I just cba staking lol so I'm selling it.

    It's a perfect account for a starter main or a staker/range tank you choose!

    http://imgur.com/Ltzt02G,oBztXh7,JGK...ZJvn,oMtVKx1#3 Stats

    http://imgur.com/Ltzt02G,oBztXh7,JGK...ZJvn,oMtVKx1#1 Login

    http://imgur.com/Ltzt02G,oBztXh7,JGK...ZJvn,oMtVKx1#0 offences 

    http://imgur.com/Ltzt02G,oBztXh7,JGK...ZJvn,oMtVKx1#2 quest

    http://imgur.com/Ltzt02G,oBztXh7,JGK...ZJvn,oMtVKx1#4 wealth = weed hammer clue scroll to find a 3rd age kite wink.gif and some rings of life "Obviously a joke" <3

    The account is up for bidding, we will use a middle man if you aren't a verified user, I expect this will sell quickly do to the build of the account it was trained with mage xp so it's hp is quite high for its combat level "89"
    and would be perfect for range staking or mage boxing.

    Starting bid is 12.5m OSRS gp or $25 paypal

    Auto win is 35m OSRS gp or $60 usd

    I accept paypal, OSRS gp

    If you have any questions pm me here or on skype at "wowandrs"
    the account will go quick as I will sell it to a bidder within the next 3-4 days, it is also going on PA, get it while its hot lovers!

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    Good luck with sales mate! :)

    Thanks for the support everyone <3

    Accounts still for sale, it will go to PA within the next 5 days if no one buys it <3

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