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  • Camera.getYaw(Entity)


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    Hey, is it possible to have a getter function for yaw for an entity. Trying to randomize Camera.rotateto(Entity) is difficult. There might already be a function i'm not seeing?


    EDIT: Looking back I put pitch in the title when I should've put Yaw. If anyone comes across this heres the helper function


    public int getYaw(Entity ent) {
        //vector going to game object
        int[] gameVector = {ent.getX() - getLocalPlayer().getX(), ent.getY() - getLocalPlayer().getY()};
        //default 0 yaw vector <0, 1>
        int[] playerVector = {0, 1};
        //radian of angle
        double rad = Math.acos(gameVector[1]/(Math.sqrt(Math.pow(gameVector[0], 2) + Math.pow(gameVector[1], 2))));
        //convert to yaw
        int yaw = (int) (2048 -(rad * (1024/Math.PI)));
        log("Yaw is: " + yaw);
        return yaw;
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    I'm not sure what you're looking for, an entity's pitch and yaw? Or the pitch and yaw the game camera should be at? In either case we don't have a method like that, but you can do some simple math to write your own helper method if you really want to. 

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    The pitch and yaw the camera should be at. I was wanting to create a camera movement algorithm that could randomize my camera movements similar to the setMouseMovement function. There doesn't seem to be a an open source method for it, so trying to make my spaghetti code work. xD


    I could get the tile of my character compare to the entity tile and adjust camera accordingly. Just wondering if you guys already wrote that logic in rotatetoentity. Thanks for the response more coding for me 😢

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    • falador1 changed the title to Camera.getYaw(Entity)


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