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    3 minutes ago, Ragboys gang said:

    Some suggestions/reports after running for a few hours. This is using ranged style and covert mode.

    When bot is low hp and without food, doesn't teleport out to castle wars. It opens the equipment tab (I had it equiped, not sure if it affects anything at all), tries to rub the ring but doesn't complete the action. If it tries to rub the ring in the inventory and bot is in combat, it won't teleport out because keeps being attacked by the NPC (if being attacked at the given moment) and can't click the option to teleport. Suggestion would be to just have it rub the equipped ring.

    When it is low hp and at castle wars, it opens the bank, restock food but doesn't eat it because the bank interface is open. If you manually close the interface, it eats the food and then teleports to wc guild without restocking again. For instance, if I set up it to grab 5 food, and if it eats 2 food, it will teleport to wc guild with 3 food, not 5.


    When it is low prayer and restocking, for example at 1-5 prayer, it may cause some problems when returning back with such low prayer points. A good thing would be to add Ferox Enclave refreshing pool, since it refreshes both hitpoints and prayer points. Would solve the problem described above too.

    Many times it will stay 1 tile away from the NPC, causing it to melee your character many times. This is bad for ranged style, since you're supposed not to receive any damage while praying mage.


    I have breaks enabled. It tried to break while being attacked:

    Hey, could you join my discord? 

    Breaks are not really suggested on this script since it's almost everytime in combat

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    4 minutes ago, Zawy said:

    Hey, could you join my discord? 

    Breaks are not really suggested on this script since it's almost everytime in combat

    Joined, will be talking to you there.

    Thanks for the quick response!

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    • 1 month later...

    Can I get a refund please?

    I had quick prayers setup with Prot Mage + Eagle Eye, and plenty of food in the inv.

    Bot just ran in, didn't put prayers on, then got banged out and didn't even attempt to eat

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    • 2 months later...

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