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    So thinking I was invisible I botted on my main for around 6-7 hours first two days botting before letting it sleep all night, never botted before on it, premium NMZ script from hashtag. Amazing script btw. I took around 30 minute break every 2-3 hours. Played for a little while normal,

    had 3 other bots on different proxies running in two different dreambot clients on my main pc where I was botting my main. On my right side pc, had five bots running, all on different proxies, right side pc had 12 bots running all on different proxies.

    What I DID:

    I used proxifier and tunneled traffic with the same exact proxy ip I used for each dreambot account, making sure to match up properly to avoid being banned. 

    Then I created the account, used a fake email that sounded real, example: [email protected], then proceeded to use a premium botting script that completed tutorial island and gathered 10 quest points before ending up at grand exchange. 

    First day I was getting started so I only ran 3 bots on my right hand side pc with this script, taking breaks. 

    After the tutorial island + 10 qp were done (1-1.5 hours), I took a little 10 minute break usually per account. All are still on different proxy servers, socks5, all were created using proxifier + specific ip + tunneling to only that ip for that session of chrome. Then the workstate was refreshed to new and repeated for subsequent accounts. 

    Then ran AIO Dream Skill Trainer, gathered mining xp in varrock east, all different worlds, took breaks, cycled ores.

    DID NOT interact at ALL on any account with any other account, my goal was to completely gain the bond money for that account without interaction to avoid chain bans. 

    Eventually got ability to buy items from GE so I went and grabbed rune pickaxes for these 3 accounts. 1st day no problems, 2nd day all accounts were around 40 mining, 40 smithing, and I left them on overnight to grab extra mining levels.

    This morning woke up, all accounts on right pc banned, left pc also had 12 bots on it which were all tunneled to different ip addresses, same method as right pc but instead I didn't wait overnight, made the accounts and they didnt even last a whole night. 

    This morning, all of my accounts were banned, even my main (thankfully 48 hour ban)


    How do I get around this? I want to make a small osrs gold farm to farm my own play time. 

    Third day botting, not exactly sure why this occured. 

    Premium Scripts + Separate proxies + Proxifier Tunneling to create accounts

    Maybe Mac addresses? HWID?

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