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  • Did you play Runescape before you started botting?


    Did you play Runescape before you started botting?  

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    1. 1. Did you play Runescape before you started botting?

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    For me I played for  3 or 4 hours total, that was like 12 years ago.

    I remember trying to sell some cooked chickens in Draynore. I thought that 'k' was the in game currency so I kept spamming "selling cooked chicken 50K each" and wondering why nobody was trading me.

    I also remember seeing a beggar in Lumbridge and of course felt bad for him so I started trading him like 5 or 10 silver and he kept refusing it saying "it's ok" and "really dude it's fine" and I remember thinking "wow this guy is begging here and yet is refusing my money, what an asshole".

    I started playing with a friend who had high level and we befriended some rando and convinced him to go with us into the wilderness. He said "I'm scared" and my friend didn't speak english so after I translated it he told me "tell him not to be afraid" so I said "don't be afraid". After we dragged him deep into the wilderness my friend attacked him with a bow. He just started running but we killed him anyway. I don't even remember if I was in on it from the beggining or not.

    And that's about all I remember from RS. After that I went back to grinding mobs in TBC.

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    I cornered the cabbage market sinking all of my profits into cabbages, dyes, and other miscellaneous items.  Did it for the meme at first while playing with friends and just never stopped.  Don't actively play or bot at this moment but on a rainy day with nothing to do I find my self always coming back.  

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