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    I have the following code


        String dateToFormat(long time) {
            double hour = Math.floor(time);
            double minute = (time - hour) * 60;
            return String.format("%02d:%02d", hour, minute);
        public void onPaint(Graphics graphics) {
            int numPerHr = (int)(numMade / ((System.currentTimeMillis() - timeBegan) / 3600000.0D));
            graphics.fillRect(518, 0, 246, 165);
            graphics.drawString("Running for: " + timer.formatTime(), 549, 25);
            graphics.drawString("Num made: " + numMade, 549, 50);
            graphics.drawString("Num per hour: " + numPerHr, 549, 75);
            graphics.drawString("Time remaining: " + dateToFormat(timer.remaining()), 549, 100);

    But when I run the script the paint looks like it's not rendering the final line


    Screengrab: https://imgur.com/9K9muTy


    So my questions are how do I get the last line to render, and why is my text so blurry?

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    Generally I've found in my personal scripts that the issue with strings not drawing is a logical error on my part, that's not to say it necessarily is in yours, but it may be worth double checking the method in question is operating as expected. (Try printing the result to the log).


    As for blurry text, I've found toggling Anti aliasing to be a big help, see below.


    Within onPaint:



    Graphics2D g = (Graphics2D) graphics;


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    Wrap your paint with a try/catch and log the errors to find out what the problem is.

            try {
            } catch (Exception e) {
                for (StackTraceElement ex : e.getStackTrace())
                    log("Error onPaint: " + ex.toString());

    Something like that should show you what's going on.

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