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    So yes Ive tried looking for errors, Yes Ive tried setting the client to fresh restart, and no none of those options have helped me, Pretty much the script starts no errors or anything BUT NOTHING HAPPENS, Sometimes the script will partially play and then just stop and not play at all most of the times, The script strangely works.....NOT really when I move my mouse above the objective area and it will click, RANDOMLY,  HERE is a video of me running sand crabs and NEX Walker displaying both scripts starting up perfectly fine and doing absolutely nothing.     https://streamable.com/2l42g6


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    2 hours ago, Pandemic said:

    So the client isn't broken, either the sandcrabs script is misconfigured or not working, Nex Walker doesn't run because the web walker doesn't know (yet) how to get out of there.

    Ok so yeah you seem to be right about that cuz I ran next runner from lumby and its working, So I guess this means sandcrabs script is not working

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    The sand crabs script is working. I'm not sure what else you expect it to do other than stand at one position if you've selected "Stay at this position" option.

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