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    Hey guys, 

    I have been an avid player on RS3 for many years, but I want to get into botting. I know that OSRS is the more popular choice to bot due to the fact that RS3 gp is extremely cheap. I have not yet started, but plan to do so in the very near future. I have a couple questions for experienced players here. 

    1. Since I am not willing to risk any of my RS3 accounts, I'm in the process of creating several accounts, each with a different email. I know I have to level up my stats and do quests before I can start farming. Since there are bots that can handle grinding accounts into workable state, should I just do that instead of manually grinding?

    2. How high are ban rates? What should I do to minimize my chances of being banned?

    3. I have RS3 accounts that I am deeply invested in. Because of this, I don't plan on ever using my RS3 accounts while botting on the same computer, and my RS3 accounts will never touch the bots. I have both a desktop and a laptop. I primarily use my laptop but I could definitely put my desktop to work. I haven't used it in forever. Are there any other tips to keeping my RS3 accounts safe? 

    4. How much of a time commitment does it take to run a successful bot farm? I have a lot of free time on my hands, but I want my bot farm to be able to run with minimal input. Can/does dreambot log accounts in and out? How long does it take to create a reliably decent botfarm? Weeks? Months? Longer?

    5. As new as I am, I will admit I'm fairly ambitious. I would be very grateful if I could make a living off doing this. Do you guys use this as your main source of income? Can this replace a real life 9-5 job?

    6. Even though botting is typically done in OSRS due to higher gp prices, is it feasible at all to incorporate RS3 into a successful bot farm as well?

    That was a long read. Thank you for whoever went through it. 

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    Your probably going to spend alot of time and money before you see any return thats worth while. Most people never quite figure out how to be profitable and end up giving up.

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    If you can code its a case of putting in the effort to building the farm & all associated infrastructure & automation to suit your needs but your still looking at months realistically as most of it is trial & error. Without being able to code it all depends how much your willing to invest

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    Without being able to code it all depends how much your willing to invest

    Yeah I don't know how to code botting scripts. I plan to buy your complete fungi script, and maybe some of your other scripts.

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