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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS/Crypto gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Pixel's Dicer [Extremely Customizable] [Rigged Mode] [World Hopper] [Anti-Ban/Mute Features] [Custom Messages] [Muling] [Clan Chat Support]


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    Host Configuration

    • Set the minimum and maximum bet allowed. Any trades under or over the amounts set will be declined.
    • Customizable bet multiplier 2x, 3x or 4x. If the gambler wins, we’ll give them #x their bet as their winnings.
    • Normal odds, these are the odds that are displayed in the advertising messages. 60 odds means that the gambler would win 60% of the time and lose 40% of the time.
    • Rigged mode support. If you choose to use rigged mode, the bot will secretly change the odds to whatever you choose for that dice roll when the player bet’s more then a certain amount. 



    Custom Messages

    • Customizable messages for when the gamblers bet is accepted, when the gambler wins, when the gambler loses and when the winnings are paid.  Supports several variables that you can use in your messages to make them personal. There’s also an option to choose to do an emote of your choice along with each message, or you can choose no emote.  




    • Clan chat support. If enabled, we'll automatically join a clan chat if we're not already in it and send all messages in the clan chat, not in the public chat.
    • Logout stop condition when you have less then a given amount of coins in your inventory.  You must have enough coins in your inventory to support a player winning the maximum bet.
    • Optional World Hopper. Customize how often you want to hop worlds when there is no activity (bets) Choose between F2P, P2P or both.  
    • Words per minute can be set and will vary across typing each message. I highly recommend keeping this at a human-like speed.
    • Two mouse algorithm choices, DreamBot default or WindMouse.
    • Logout stop condition when you profit more than the given amount of coins.
    • Ability to change the time the bot will wait on each trade stage before timing out and moving on. Example: How long to wait for a player to put up coins in trade, how long for a player to accept the first or second trade window before the bot declines trade. If the timer expires we’ll decline trade and move on.



    • Antiban Actions include: Move mouse off screen, rotate camera randomly, move mouse randomly, short AFK (10-90 seconds), long AFK (2-6 minutes) and opening random tabs (Friends, Skills, etc.) You can choose to do some, none or all of these actions randomly.
    • You can change the antiban intensity to have less frequent actions or more frequent actions, whichever you desire.
    • Player Blacklist. You can choose to blacklist players who try to trade items to the bot or players who try to bet less then the minimum bet amount.  When a player is added to the blacklist, the bot will ignore any future trade requests from that player.
    • Moderator list. You can specify a file that contains player moderator names and if those players are nearby you can choose to either logout or hop worlds. This is to help prevent getting muted, you must supply your own moderator list.




    • You can define several different advertising messages that will be typed into public chat (or clan chat) We’ll type them in a random order.  Feel free to use chat effects as part of your messages in public chat. If you choose to use a clan chat, we’ll automatically add the “/” to the messages when the bot types them so the messages get sent to the clan chat.  Supports several variables that you can use in your messages to make them personal. 
    • Control how often the bot sends advertising messages and randomize it.
    • Startup Walk.  You can choose to have the bot walk to a certain location like the Grand Exchange on script startup. You can also define a custom tile if you choose. You can start the script from Lumbridge and have it walk to the Grand Exchange if you wanted.  You can host a dice game anywhere.




    • Specify a player Display Name. If this player trades with the bot it will give them the defined % of the gold the bot has in their inventory. If you don't want to use a mule just leave the Display Name box empty.



    Other Features:

    • Scam proof. Every player interaction and every step of the trading is double and triple checked.  The bot will make 100% sure that we’re trading with the correct player and won’t accept any trades with items in it, only coins are allowed within the bet minimum and maximum bet limits.  Trades are checked on both the first and second trade screens before accepting.  
    • Anti lure. Bot will not be lured from the tiles around it’s hosting location. It will only trade players who are close to you and will always return to it’s starting location.
    • Made specifically for DreamBot 3.
    • Nearly everything the bot does is customizable in the GUI so you can make the script very unique to you.




    • Start with the coins in your inventory that you want to use to host
    • Fill out GUI and double check that all information is correct before pressing start
    • Have Accept Aid off
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