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  • Fightaholic - The scrappy AIO fightin' script - New & Improved Aggro Handler


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    18 hours ago, StayRageing said:

    I got banned after an hour using this 😭😭

    P.s this is the only script I used.

    Your IP is probably flagged

    On 5/22/2022 at 5:17 PM, gaygecx said:

    target tile setting dont work and if you dont select loot it still loots arrows ,otherwise was working okay

    Uncheck equip arrows and the tile setting does work, what issue are you having?

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    58 minutes ago, StayRageing said:

    Is there anyway to change my IP?

    You can use proxies, a VPN or I guess reboot your modem

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    On 5/26/2022 at 9:34 AM, StayRageing said:

    Thank you holic. The script does run flawless by the way. 

    No problem, buddy. Happy to help!

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    Fightaholic has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v2.0 and is available in the client!

    • Added defensive magic
    • Added splashing magic option
    • Added long range option
    • Added mouse algorithm selection with 3 new algorithms
    • Added new anti-pattern utility
    • Improved ActionChecker
    • Improved target level handler
    • Improved ui
    • Bug fixes
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    Posted (edited)

    Fighting moss giants and it ran solid for about an hour, came back to my computer and it kept saying "Health below threshold", instead of eating the swordfish it just idled. I've ran this script for 8+ hours before with no issues, not sure what changed. I paused the script and played it again and it would figure it out, but without that manual fix, it just idles until log out, then logs back in and repeat. 

    Edit: Also tried fighting Ogres, saw another player had luck with that on here. Went and set it up for Ogres and it did the same thing, the script runs to a point and then quits acknowledging food in the inventory and begins to idle, "Health Below Threshold". Also tried with white knights, same issue. This script got me to level 80, shame it's virtually broken at this point..... Thanks again for the awesome scripts.

    Edited by GingerBread
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    Posted (edited)

    attack is working great but click the strength potion or the second potion too quickly so the second potion is not consumed sometime
    But this is best i loved it

    Edited by fazaribrahim
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    • holic changed the title to Fightaholic - The scrappy AIO fightin' script - New & Improved Aggro Handler

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