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    Why all the purple clothed bots lately? is it like a homage to twitch prime or is it the signature of some bulk account dealer???



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    It's hard to say. Over the months this year though It has been very enjoyable to watch whoever makes their bots with the blonde, long hair. When they started farming rooftops for Marks of Grace in Members and you would see the bots go to Rogues den to mule (Graceful shop), the mule would have the same character customization, that was cool and interesting. Like what is the story of that? Of course the first thought was Goldilocks and the Three Bears (The British Fairy tale: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldilocks_and_the_Three_Bears or The one that lets her long hair down from the tower) hahaha. The same Botter was Suicide Botting some F2P methods just this weekend, only noticed it was likely the same because of that Long, Blonde hair.


    Something similar is the water filling bots this past week in F2P. They were dressed to impress. A brown apron among other things, probably didn't change much to how long the account lasted, and definitely for trade restriction quests but they looked extremely Smart/Classy.


    Sometimes some people like to customize accounts appearance identical because they are confident those accounts will not receive a ban. Think: Accounts created to bot a holiday event, they will be online for the duration of the event and then that is it until next years event, a Total of 6minutes online for the entire year. The account is already created and meets the new restrictions. You can see that with this years Halloween event..



    More than likely though it is the script being used to create those tutorial accounts that decides how they appear. A Tutorial Island completion script here on DreamBot and a few elsewhere offer "Random Character Customization" as an option for the script, with a free script you can expect that "Random Character Customization" to be a few clicks here and a few clicks there on the Avatar creation screen (Example: A click back to change the pants from green to ______). Using said scripts to go through tutorial island on 50 accounts you could expect around 40% to have that shade of purple somewhere on the Top, Bottom, or Hair of that character. (Only the case for those scripts). A lot of tutorial Island account providers (The Majority and almost all Automated) sell accounts that have been Botted through Tutorial Island (Unless stated otherwise) rather than hand played.

    Could also be genuine expression and support for a specific Non-Runescape related community, but likely not, We are only in the 2020's.


    ED: Allmost, Al most, almost












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    My guess is some1 is doing that to flex. Ngl i would do the same if i had a mass farm like that, shits looking cool 😛

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