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  1. do you still need non-trade restricted account?



  2. Does it have an email set? Was the account made on a US IP address?
  3. Need 10 accounts that meet the new grand exchange trade restriction requirements 10+ Quest Points 20+ Hours of Playtime 100+ Total Levels Accounts should also Be rested for at least 2 weeks Be made on separate US IP addresses (no using the same IP address for multiple accounts) I can pay in BTC or osrs gp POST PRICES BELOW
  4. The new boss has a mechanic where a sound effect tips you off to its next attack. Giving you time to change your overhead prayer. Does dreambot have a way to "listen" to what sound is playing?
  5. absolutely... but i was hoping someone was going to come along and tell me i was being stupid and there was a simple function i was missing lol. when i found the PassableObstacle(startTile, endTile) function i thought i had found the key but guess not
  6. The method i went with was adding the doors to the webwalker as a passable object then solving the doors with getOptions/chooseOption PassableObstacle gateOfWar = new PassableObstacle("Gate of War", "Open", null, null, null); getWalking().getAStarPathFinder().addObstacle(gateOfWar); if (getDialogue.isDialogue) { // code for solving question doors } else { getWalking.walk(<RANDOM TILE IN STRONGHOLD>); } That worked pretty well. I can now navigate around on each floor perfectly, but now I have to figure out a way to navigate between floors. The floors of the strong hold aren't actually floors, each floor is on the same level and the ladders don't actually go up or down they act more like a teleport. I tried also adding the ladders as passable objects, but the webwalker still doesn't work. Tile startTile = new Tile(1902, 5221, 0); // tile of player before using ladder Tile endTile = new Tile(2042, 5245, 0); // tile of player after using ladder Tile obstacleTile = new Tile(1902, 5222, 0); // tile of ladder PassableObstacle strongholdEntrance = new PassableObstacle("Ladder", "Climb-down", startTile, endTile, obstacleTile); getWalking().getAStarPathFinder().addObstacle(strongholdEntrance); getWalking().walk(endTile);
  7. alright well that's a bit more manual than than what i was intending but sounds do-able
  8. Hmm alright then in that case is it possible to get a list/array of what obstacles are in my way?
  9. I want to be able to webwalk through the stronghold of security, but it doesn't seem to handle the "question doors". Ive seen some threads about how to add new obstacles to the webwalker, like opening the alkharid gate but the "question doors" are a little more complex.
  10. I've definitely ran into this as well. I think it happens when I pause the script then restart it. The script will reach the code to leave the bank, but will do nothing. If I pause/unpause the script a few times or if I manually walk a few tiles the problem will fix itself.
  11. Docker might be useful. Though I lean towards not using it myself because of the performance hit you take running a VM. As for Jenkins I'm not quite seeing why you would need continuous integration for a Runescape bot?
  12. Never mind I think I figured it out java.util.List<GroundItem> grounditemslist = getGroundItems().all();
  13. Im trying to store the output of getGroundItems().all() and then iterate through it item by item but I'm not sure how to do it. I tried this: List boneslist = getGroundItems().all(); but the error I got was Required: java.awt.List Found: java.util.List <org.dreambot.api.wrappers.items.GroundItem>
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