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  • Alclueholic - A beginner clue scroll solver - Re-written!


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    Minor release: 1.09

    • Speed improvements
    • Withdraw method rewritten for bug fixes
    • Improved anti-ban

    Pushed and recompile requested, look for it in your script manager shortly👌

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    Really good script so far, just a note off of one run:


    When doing hot/cold, it walks to location, but doesn't always click on strange device to verify before moving on.

    Once it found the correct location and dug, we received a new clue scroll.

    The bot continued to dig around it for a few moments before i manually had to stop it. (I only waited about 15 seconds as I was babysitting)


    A lot better than the other easy clue scroll script!

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    Thanks for the kinds words and feedback, @mgiven95

    I will investigate it and push an update in the next few days! It does double check the cluescroll after a few failed digging attempts but I'll try to improve it so it's not necessary ;)

    And sure thing, I will add the option. I didn't add it originally as I like the one-click start but could maybe put it in as an on-screen option to avoid that.

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    Minor release: 1.10

    • Pushed the correct version this time
    • Withdraw method rewritten for bug fixes
    • Fixed teleportation bug
    • Added Quickstart support:
      • o, open: boolean; toggles the option to open your casket at the end of the script
      • c, check: boolean; toggles the option to check your bank for a cluescroll if there isn't one in your inventory (ideal for running in tandem with other scripts)
      • p, plugin: boolean; set to true if run in tandem with another script to move the paint's location on screen as to not overlap the other script's paint.
    On 10/17/2020 at 11:43 AM, mgiven95 said:

    Also if you could select an option to keep the casket instead of opening right away would be great!

    Added this feature now, it should be in your script manager shortly.

    The option will appear on-screen, simply click "Open casket" to toggle opening a casket.

    Also added quickstart support (I believe it should work....) and you can use the option "o=true" or "open=true" to set the option.

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    • 1 month later...
    • holic changed the title to Alclueholic - A beginner clue scroll solver - Re-written!

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