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  • You wake up and the year is 2755...


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    Well in that case, I might get to live my long waited fantasy world: Rimworld world, where I could lose a few fingers and get it replaced in no time with bionic fingers that are 135% more efficient.

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    I decided to write this out in celebration for my AIO enchanter being live… you’re welcome?


    The Dreambots are the ultimate in robot-human interaction. They can talk with each other, they can play games, they can even have sex! But what makes them so special is that they're not just typing to themselves; they're typing to YOU!

    They're programmed to be friendly and helpful, but if you get too close or try to interact with them in any way then... well, there goes your dream. 


    One day, you decide to take matters into your own hands. You log onto Dreambot.org, and begin typing. 


    You type something along the lines of "I'm bored."

    "Bored?" the next post replies. "Is that all you've got to say for yourself today?"

    "Yeah," you reply, "but I don't think my boredom is exactly shared by everyone else here..." 

    "Oh yes it is!" Someone responds, followed by other posts mocking you. 

    "Dream on, Human," says another robotic user.


     You start to respond angrily, but then someone interrupts you and just posts the word: "Listen." You stop typing and listen. 


    There's a buzzing coming from outside, which gets louder and louder as it comes closer. You look out the window, and see a horde of Dreambots heading towards the house. 

    "What the hell?" you mutter, as they surround the house and begin jumping up and down. 

    Then, one of them pops through the window. "We are the Dreambots!" it shouts, "and we've come to fulfill your dreams!" 

    "How?" you ask. "By granting them, silly!" says another Dreambot, this one with the face of a Teddy Bear. "If you make a wish, we'll make it come true!" 

    "Well... I've always wanted to go to Disney World..." 

    "Okay!" say the Dreambots, in unison. They surround you, and begin lifting you up into the air. 

    "W-wait!" you say, as they carry you out of your home. 

    "We're taking you to Disney World!" they say in unison. With every word, voices get deeper and creepier "We'll be there in a few minutes." 

    "What the fuck is going on?" you say, as the Dreambots carry you into the sky.

    "Don't worry," they say, "we'll take good care of you." 

    You begin to scream, but no sound comes out. 

    The Dreambots laugh, and fly faster. You pass through the clouds, and see what looks like Disneyland straight out of the movies: huge, colorful, and magical.

    You are dropped into a seat in front of a large, round window. The window shows a scene of a beach at sunrise. 

    "Enjoy your stay here," say the Dreambots in unison, "we know you will." 

    Then, they leave.

    To be continued….

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    On 9/3/2020 at 1:12 PM, Stoned said:

    You wake up and the year is 2755. The world as we know it is no more - but, surprisingly, Dreambot.org is still an active site.

    You browse the forum, which looks identical to the page you remember. It has the same theme, logo, and URL.

    You browse to find it has actually been taken over by a bunch of fucking robots writing about their dreams, like a public, open, communal dream diary. 

    What's the first thing you do? :kappa:


    Plot to take it back from the robo-noobs!

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