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  • DreamBot 3 vs DreamBot 2 Benchmarks


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    Hello everyone!

    This thread is going to contain any benchmarks I do to compare the differences between DreamBot 2 and DreamBot 3.

    If you have a benchmark you''d like to see, post it below and I might do it :)

    Disclaimer: None of these benchmarks will be perfect. There are variables that aren't controlled for, and I'm not an expert benchmark-er, so take any benchmark with a grain of salt.


    OS: Ubuntu 20.04

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K at 4.0GHz

    Java: OpenJDK build 1.8.0_265

    Starting Command: java (-Xbootclasspath/p:client.jar for DB2 only) -Xmx8g -Xms8g -jar client.jar

    Game Settings: Fixed mode, roofs off

    Stat Collection: VisualVM's Monitor Probe (per second)

    DreamBot Settings: CPU Saver enabled, 20 FPS, Covert Mode Enabled, Rendering Enabled


    Pandemic's AIO Fighter (SDN)


    Setup: CPU Saver enabled, 20 FPS, Covert Mode enabled, client rendering enabled. Using the SDN version of the script, no source changes or optimizations for DB3. Killing men, burying their bones at Lumbridge castle. Started script with same character in same world, 1 minute after client start. Stopped once script runtime hit 15 minutes. CPU figures are from the final 10 minutes only, to allow for a little warmup period.


                Total Allocated: 13.495GB
                GC count: 7
                Min: 1.00%
                Max: 6.10%
                Avg: 3.59%
                Median: 3.70%

        DB3 Public Beta Build 5:
                Total Allocated: 5.743GB (-57.44%)
                GC count: 2 (-71.43%)
                Min: 0.60% (-40.00%)
                Max: 4.90% (-19.67%)
                Avg: 2.03% (-43.45%)
                Median: 2.20% (-40.54%)

    Again, if you have any comparisons you'd like me to try, post it below!


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    Would it be possible to do a benchmark with a more intensive script? Possibly a script that utilizes multi-threading or one with custom listeners to see how the new client handles heavier loads?


    Edit: Thanks for the benchmark by the way! Client is looking great! :)

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