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  • How to check if GE offer completed?


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    When my script has put in a GE offer, how can I tell distinguish between the following:

    1) Offer is still waiting, i.e. 0 out of x items have been bought/sold. Game shows empty bar inside the offer's slot.

    2) Offer is partially completed, i.e. 2 out of x items have been bought/sold. Game shows a partially filled bar that is colored yellow.

    3) Offer was canceled. Game shows a red bar.

    4) Offer was completed. Game shows a green bar.

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    You can use the methods in the GrandExchangeItem Object class to get the offer details which can be used to determine the progress of the offer.  



    For #3: I cancel an offer with 


    and then when cancelOffer() returns true you can then collect the item and/or coins.


    For # 1, 2, and 3 something like this:

    int slotNumber;
    int quantity;
    int getPrice;
    int getTransferredAmount;
    int getTransferredValue;
    int getValue;
    int itemID;
    String itemName;
    //Determine offer status for each Grand Exchange slot
    for (GrandExchangeItem geItem : getGrandExchange().getItems()) {
    	slotNumber = geItem.getSlot();
    	if (getGrandExchange().isSlotEnabled(slotNumber) && getGrandExchange().slotContainsItem(slotNumber)) {
    		//Get slot information to variables
    		quantity = geItem.getAmount();
    		getPrice = geItem.getPrice();
    		getTransferredAmount = geItem.getTransferredAmount();
    		getTransferredValue = geItem.getTransferredValue();
    		getValue = geItem.getValue();
    		itemName = geItem.getName();
    		itemID = geItem.getID();
    		log("Slot: " +slotNumber);
    		log("Item Name [" +itemName+ "] Item ID: [" +itemID+ "]");
    		log("Quantity: [" + quantity + "] * Price: [" + getPrice + "] = Value: [" + getValue + "]");
    		log("Transferred Amount: [" + getTransferredAmount + "] Transferred Value: [" + getTransferredValue + "] cashBack: [" +cashBack+ "]");
    		if (geItem.isBuyOffer()) {
    			if (quantity == getTransferredAmount) {
    				log("Buy offer, 100% bought");
    			} else if (getTransferredAmount == 0) {
    				log("Buy offer, nothing bought");
    			} else if (getTransferredAmount > 0 && getTransferredAmount < quantity) {
    				log("Buy offer, partially completed");
    		} else if (geItem.isSellOffer()) {
    			if (quantity == getTransferredAmount) {
    				log("Sell offer, 100% sold");
    			} else if (getTransferredAmount == 0) {
    				log("Sell offer, nothing sold");
    			} else if (getTransferredAmount > 0 && getTransferredAmount < quantity) {
    				log("Sell offer, partially completed");
    	} else if (getGrandExchange().isSlotEnabled(slotNumber) && !getGrandExchange().slotContainsItem(slotNumber)) {
    	} else if (!getGrandExchange().isSlotEnabled(slotNumber)) {
    		log("Disabled - Members Only");
    	} else {
    		log("ERROR: Unable to determine slot status!"); //This happens sometimes in my experience


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